hnc in computing???

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Kal, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Kal

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    anyone did hnc in computing course? is it useful?

  2. NenMaster

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    depends what you want, imo it is worthless, really regreted doing it :/
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  3. Jakamoko
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    I haven't done one, but I can only imagine that in it's own right, it is unlikely to open major doors for you, in the same way that A+ is only an entry level cert.

    I'd say both are more your "first step" in advancing to more serious and "useful" certs, eg MCSA/E CCNA or a Degree /Masters in Computing, etc, etc ..... However, I have known several people who hold an HNC in Computing and most have gone on to very fruitful careers (obviously with a good deal more training or qualifications behind them)

    Hope that helps, only my thoughts :)
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  4. Kitkatninja
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    I found the HNC in computing useful. It's worth about 1/3 of a BSc (HND is 2/3 of a degree), or a NVQ level 3/4. It's something you can top-up (I did, after 5 years of studying pt, I was sick of it). It doesn't expire as it's an academic qualification. I've found it useful for my job as I have worked my way up from Trainee Tech to senior tech/assistant Network manager. I believe that you have to have the "triad" - academic (HNC/HND/BSc etc.), professional (MCP/MCDST/MCSA etc) and work experience.

    Short answer: yes
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  5. Jellyman_4eva

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    I did this qualification too, infact I finished about a year ago. It was lacking in technical stuff for me, but looking back it was OK. I am now using it as credit towards an Open Uni degree. If you have nothing then it is worth having as a start point, but if you have any MCP or a few CompTIA's in my opinion it is not worth having..
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