Hi to you all and a Scheidegger question...

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Zlebor, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Zlebor

    Zlebor New Member

    Hello to you all this site is a great resource and I look forward to visiting regularly...

    Now to my question...

    I had a rep from Scheidegger Training visit me at home last night because I have decided to get some IT qualifications and change jobs. I am very interested in the CCNP qualification and Scheidegger told me I would need to go the A+/N+/CCNA/CCNP route. this sounds reasonable to me but the price worried me no end - £3500!!!!

    Any comments on this would be most appreciated.

    I notice from other posts that you guys like a bit of background on our situations so here goes: I have studied IT to A Level standard (altho it was using RM Nimbus machines so that kinda dates it!) I maintain and upgrade a 3 PC home network as well as building/repairing/upgrading PCs for friends/family as required.

    Sorry for the lengthy first post but £3500 is no laughing matter and all input would be greatly appreciated. :D
  2. tripwire45
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    Greetings Zlebor and welcome to CertForums. I can't answer your question as I've not had any dealings with this provider but I believe that someone will be along presently that can help you out. In the meantime, sit back, put your feet up and relax. Enjoy the view. I hope you'll stay awhile

    Also, I didn't find your post particularly long. Many of us are quite a bit more chatty (wait until you mean Jakamoko). I hope we can be of service. :)
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  3. AJ

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    Hi there Zlebor and a big welcome to CF.

    I'm sure you've found it already but have a look at our Training amd Development forum for some advice.

    HTH :biggrin
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  4. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Hi Zlebor - a warm welcome from me too - sounds like your up for learning, m8 Good luck on the Cert Trail. btw, Follow AJs advice above - there's loads of info there....

    He just did - and YOUR problem is ... ? :x

    lol jk :biggrin
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  5. SimonV
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    A warm welcome to the forums, thanks for the kind words about the place and hope you stick around.
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  6. nugget
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.[​IMG]
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  7. punkboy101
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    Welcome to Certforums mate!
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  8. tripwire45
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    To quote one of my favorite heroes (you get to guess which one): "Of course you know...this means war". :P
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  9. smoothgirl

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    I wouldn't sign up to a course that commits you to CCNA etc if you do not have experience in the IT industry. I am doing a Scheidegger course which I personally think is alright but not worth the money. The main thing is that you like me do not have specific work experience with computers and networks. Getting first position with a company is not impossible but very difficult and will probably mean starting out at the bottom of the career ladder. So I would go for basic training (eg just A+ on its own or something like that). It might be worth investigating if there is somewhere you can volunteer to help out with PC repairs etc. This would give you some more experience to put on your CV. There is no point committing to £3500 when you might to change direction once you have your foot in the door in IT. At least then if circumstances change you are not stuck with paying off a debt over the next couple of years.

    In the end of the day certification will help but experience really counts. Also some of the jobs I have seen require a combination of skills which no course could cover. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide.



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