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hi every one

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by khubaib, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. khubaib

    khubaib New Member

    hello there every one ...and i am very happy to find this kind of forum which is rounded by helpful people like you all...

    first of all i want to share one thing with u all..

    yesterday the course adviser came to my home and withing 2 hour of conversion i end up signing for a course of WIC (Website Design Management) for 3225..

    i am a freelancer web designer and i graduated in computer since 2006 ,the thing is :

    after viewing the feed back of Skillstrain on this forum i started thinking for canceling my agreement for many reason
    1.the cost of the course is tooooo expensive for me ...
    2. the feed back is not OK
    3.dose relay worth it to do this certification ...what it will benefit me...i don't need to it for job coz i am ok with my work ..

    so i am asking for you help guys what do think of that?
    shall i cancel it or keep going ..plz advice me coz i could not sleep last night thinking of that...

    thanks in advance
  2. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Hi and welcome to CF!

    You only have a very short time to cancel, after that it gets nearly impossible.

    If you are not happy then in your place I'd cancel - you can always go back to them later if you decide that it is right after all. If you don't cancel then you are stuck with it.

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  3. khubaib

    khubaib New Member

    hbroomhall thanks for replaying me ...

    how much time i have?
  4. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Hi & welcome to CF :)

    Me personally, I believe that £3225 is alot for that course. Have you thought about self-study or contacting your local college?

    This really should be in your contact. Have you read everything, including the fine print?

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  5. khubaib

    khubaib New Member

    thnks Ken for your reply ..i looked at the fine print but there nothing mentiond of how many days i have ..they mention that i have a short time ....what dose that mean???

    thanks mate...
  6. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    you probably have a week or something, it might even be less. If you want to cancle phone them today if there are not open at the weekend phone the first thing 9am Monday.

    That is a big amount of money for you to spend when it doesn't sound that you can afford it.
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  7. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    Agreed, it will generally be a week for the calling off period, especially if they signed you up on the contract in your house ;)
    If you're not fully happy about the course, ring them up and send them written confirmation as well :D
  8. khubaib

    khubaib New Member

    thank you all for replise i think i am going to call them on mondy morning and cancel my agreemet..i am glad i find this forum...

    thanks guys...

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