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Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Secret Squirrel, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Secret Squirrel

    Secret Squirrel New Member

    Looked like a friendly and very helpful forum.

    I'm currently studying, part-time, for an FdSc in Applied Computing; I may take it onto degree level but the course content (so far) is a bit too broad and employers don't seem to rate degrees as much as Microsoft, Cisco certs. This is why I’ve ended up here.

    I want to get up to an MCSE, with the aim of becoming a Field Service Engineer and am looking into the most suitable path. So far I've had a guy from Computeach come to visit. Seemed like a competent setup but £4950!!! I'm going to pitch it to my employer for a laugh, but I couldn't justify the outlay at this moment in time.

    The most interesting thing the Computeach guy showed me was a list of pre vs. post course earnings, garnered from recently qualified students. They bore no relationship to the 'Industry' lists that they and others advertise.

    What sort of income can I expect when qualified?
  2. Veteran's son

    Veteran's son Megabyte Poster

    Welcome to the forums, Secret Squirrel! :)
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  3. moominboy

    moominboy Gigabyte Poster

    welcome to cf mate, but do we call you secret or squirrel? :lol:
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  4. Bluerinse
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    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Hi Secret Squirrel, it's been a while since I last saw you on the telly, where have you been :biggrin

    You will find lots of past threads related to earning expectations if you use the search feature. The general consensus of opinion, as I see it, is that certifications do not gaurentee high salaries. Experience doesn't gaurantee high salaries. Experience and Certifications/degrees combined with the ability to do the job consistantly well *might* eventually lead to a good salary.

    The glory days are over unfortuantely, it is hard to land a good job, anywhere in the world. If you really want to get into IT you have to love learning new things. It should not be a chore but more of a hobby, for the learning never ever ends!

    You will find lots of people here, including me recommending self study. You will have to self study to pass whatever exams you decide to take, so why not spend your money on a home lab, buy a few decent books related to whatever exam you are studying for and take them one step at a time.

    Good luck,
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  5. nugget
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    nugget Junior toady

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'd have to agree with Pete as he's summed it up nicely. Another thing, you should be getting into IT because you like it, not for the money.:D
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  6. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Welcome to CF! :biggrin

    I also have to agree with what pete said. :thumbleft

    What I will say to you though is that I have gone the other way to you, in that I was certified when I got my current job, but my employers (Local Education Authourity) prefer the academic quals, so I am now persuing an FdSc in IT Networking.

    So just because one employers prefers certs doesn't mean that another will.

  7. Boycie
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    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    Hi and welcome to CF. :D

    I am not currently employed in IT but trying to get "my foot on the ladder". I would think long and hard before spending thousands of pounds on training. While there are Pro's and con's to everything it might be worth having a look around this forum and retailers as you might be supprised as what is availible to buy and use yourself.
    Let us know what you decide.
    Best of luck, hope you stay around.
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  8. tripwire45
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    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Greetings, Secret Squirrel. So this is where you've gone off to. :tongue

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  9. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Hi SS - thanks for taking the time to post here. Welcome to CF :)
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  10. AJ

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    Welcome to the forums :biggrin
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  11. Secret Squirrel

    Secret Squirrel New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Lots of solid advice already and yes 'Nugget' I do like IT. I expect like many people here my interest was sparked at home just pratting about with computers; building systems, learning new applications, programming and just teaching myself as I went along. It's an expensive addiction supplemented by system builds and trouble-shooting for friends and family/freeloaders. After a lifetime of jobs ranging from dull to mildly interesting I just want a job that's also my hobby. I'd be happy just working in my local PC shop on minimum wage.

    Once again thanks for the advice so far.
  12. Aureilius

    Aureilius Byte Poster

    Hi SS. Great to see you here. :D
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  13. Donnylad

    Donnylad Banned

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