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Hi all, a little advice perhaps?

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by TwoToneTony, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. TwoToneTony

    TwoToneTony Bit Poster

    Hi all, found this forum last week and it's been a God-send so far. I wonder if I might garner a little advice from you though?

    I've worked in or around IT since leaving school and have finally decided to get certified. My situation is that I've been away from work for over 2 years now and I have both money and time to put into it, and of course I'd like to work in IT again.

    I wonder if someone might offer some advice as to which certs to aim for?

    I started in 1984 programming in BASIC and worked as a Junior Computer Operator (what an 80s job title!) as my first job in 1987. Since then I've always liked a bit of programming and such-like at home then 1996 I bought my first PC and went to Uni. The course involved minimal use of computers and I left after completing 2 years of it. I really guess I should have chosen a more IT-related degree but it's no use crying over spilt milk. I've dabbled with web design, IT support, building/ testing hardware, data migration in the years since but have never specialised. I really did enjoy the last contract I had which was a team leader on a data quality/ data migration project but to be truthful I think I ended up getting the role more through luck.

    Fast forward to now and I've been away from the world of work since 2006.

    My aims are:

    Get back to work in IT role,
    Identify a speciality and get certified in it,
    Find a related job.

    I have a lot of time to throw at it and very good at self-studying. However, I can spare some cash if need be.

    I've read the sticky about why not to go straight for MCSE, I'm sure I'd have no trouble going the MCSA MCSE route but it's a question more of finding a job I'd be happy to work in for years as opposed to finding my perfect match. The other field I could "do" is databases, I did get an initial cert in my first job and am familiar with setting up, admin etc. in SQL from websites I've run. Of course I need to choose now, or do I. Is there anyway I could start studying for something common to both and use that to spur me on to a decision? More practically, especially with the economy now in freefall, which would I be more able to find a job in?

    Any thoughts, suggestions at all would be much appreciated!
    Certifications: A+
    WIP: N+, MCSA?

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