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Hey Everyone!!

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by onthedex, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. onthedex

    onthedex New Member

    Hey there, im Mikey and new to all of this but would love a career in I.T!!

    So much so that like most it appears searched for it on the internet i came accross training providers such as Advent and Compu-teach. Advent sounded great and after a meeting with one of their 'selectors' i was promised the best training available as well a careers team who would find me a job in 3 months , but im afraid im very sceptical and also live in the real world, this sounded too good to be true and probably was but £5,950 for a course in the current climate is ridiculous, i mean how do the unemployed manage???

    So, after not much deliberation i decided not to accept their 'offer' of a course but that has not put me off a career in I.T at all, so if anyone has any advice no matter how simple id be very grateful, i think its basic knowledge that the 1st port of call is an A+ so any info on the best books, exmas etc would be much appreciated!!!

    Cheers people!!!

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