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Help with Entry Level IT roles.....

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Macevelli, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Macevelli

    Macevelli New Member

    Evening All,

    Like many others, Im looking to enter into IT as a career. Im 25 years old, and currently studying a City & Guilds Diploma in ICT Systems Support and I am looking to get into Helpdesk Support. From here I am looking to get a degree in IT Practictioners and / or look towards CompTIA A+ and MCDST.

    I currently work in retail and as that is giving me no experience in the field I am looking to enter, I have been searching for Helpdesk Support and Junior/Trainee Support roles but have not had much joy as I have no experience in a helpdesk enviroment. Are there any roles that I can enter which need very little experience so I can at least get a job in IT and work my way up that way while studying, or am I best sticking to my studies, doing a degree and work towards my degree?

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Certifications: C&G Diploma in ICT Systems Support

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