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  1. arvy

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    I really need some ideas on setting up a home network for my 290 exam.
    I have 3 pc's, 1 laptop with an rj45 and wireless card, 1 desktop with an rj45 and wireless card and another desktop (older ) with only a wireless card.
    1 ADSL 4 port wireless router.

    I want to install an evaluation copy of 2003 server on 1 of the desktops and set it up as an PDC server.
    Currently i use my router for DHCP with a static IP address for the ISP.
    The laptop uses XP home and 1 of the desktops will use XP PRO.
    Will i be better setting this up as a physical network or using VMware workstation 5 for a virtual network ?.

    How do i configure the router to work with a PDC ?.
    Can i set up a PDC on a desktop machine which only has a wireless NIC or will i need to install a Rj45 card ?.
    Any suggestions please.

    Thanks - Arvy.
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  2. simongrahamuk
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    Ok, here's what I think:

    Have the PC that will run as a server with a static IP address on one of the interfaces, (the wireless one). The othe interface leave as it is but connect it to the router.

    Leave the router alone so that it still functions as your DHCP server.

    The two clients that will connect to the DC should be left to pick up their IP address automatically from the router.

    This should be all you will need to do. (I think!)

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    Just a point of correction...unless you are working with Windows NT at all, there is no such animal as a PDC. Windows Server 2003 can act as a PDC emulator (one of the FSMO roles) if you have NT workstations that need a PDC to authenticate to the domain, but Windows 2000 and 2003 servers do not work in the PDC/BDC model. Each Domain Controller in the domain has a full read/write copy of Active Directory.
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    cor that 70-294 reading finding a use is it trip? :P
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  5. tripwire45
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    I'm not completely stupid, just sort of stupid, Ryan. :tongue
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