Help needed in wireless network at home please?

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by peace786, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Hi guys.

    I have a PC at home with broadband internet and Im going to buy a laptop which I need to have internet access on. How would I go about having the internet(i.e networking) wirelessly. What do I need to have on the laptop and how can i share my pc internet connection with my pc and laptop without wires so that i can be in my room surfing the net without wires etc.

    Many thanks.

    p.s I assume that i'll have to buy a router. How does it all connect together?
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    One way would be to buy a wireless router as you have said. You'll have to unplug your PC from the broadband device and plug the router into it. The router will have a limited number of Ethernet ports on it so you can plug your PC into it, get an IP via DHCP and away you go.

    As far as your laptop, it will either need to have a built in wireless NIC or you'll need to get a PCMCIA wireless NIC to plug into it. Both the router and laptop will need to be set to the same SSID (wireless network name) and channel number. For consistancy's sake, make sure your wireless equipment uses the same standard (either 802.11b or 802.11g). You can use MAC address filtering to only allow your laptop to connect to the router more or less locking out any potential intruders.

    It isn't really hard to set up but occasionally people encounter problems. If you hit a snag at some point in the process, let us know and we'll try to give you a hand. BTW, I have a wired/wireless network at home and it totally rocks! :D
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    I also have a wireless network at was quite inexpensive.....main computer that has the broadband, has a wireless pci card. Upstairs desktop has a wireless pci card and laptop has a pcmcia card all from asus less than £20 for each card.

    They are set up in an ad-hoc network with internet connection sharing....great for the whole family using internet at same time...and for proving my superiority at games with my kids on the

    Seriously any probs just drop a line Trip says make sure your settings are the same for each comp....workgroup name, SSID, encryption etc

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