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Discussion in 'MCAD / MCSD / MCPD' started by midao, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. midao

    midao New Member


    I would like to take a MS Cert exam, 70-315 with C#. Could you give me any suggestions on how to prepare for the exam? I haven't has any MS Cert exam experience.

    Thank you.
  2. Chris Winter

    Chris Winter New Member

    Hello Midao,

    I have not yet taken 70-315, but passed 70-316 (Developing Windows_Based Applications with Visual C#.NET), last Friday.
    It is my intention to do 70-320 next to get my MCAD and then 70-315 and 70-300 to get my MCSD.

    I passed 70-316 by working my way through the appropriate book from Microsoft's MCAD/MCSD Self Paced Training Kit, taking detailed notes, that were subsequently consolidated several times and performing most of the practical excercises. Once I was confident that I had a reasonably good grasp of the material I started working on practice questions - both Microsoft's own practice questions (which come with the Self-Paced Training Kit) and some which I bought from a company called Self Test, which I found to be very good.

    Obviously this approach worked for me, as I passed the exam (and passed it well). However, I should point out that although I had not done much application development recently, I have had quite a lot of experience of programming and relational databases in the past the past and this definitely helped me understand the material. In my opinion, this material would be beyond complete beginners. So if you fall into that category, consider studying a basic introduction to computer programming and object oriented programming concepts first.

    I would not really recommend the Microsoft book. Some important topics were covered rather superficially, particularly security. I also found the general presentation of some topics confusing. C#.NET books by Amit Khalani receive rave reviews on Amazon and I am going to try one of these for my next exam.

    The importance of doing considerable work with practice questions cannot be overemphasised: they are absolutely key to passing the exam - no matter how well you think you know the material.

    Hope all that was of some help. If you have any questions just fire up an event and I'll attempt to handle it! :D

    Good luck

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