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Discussion in 'Scripting & Programming' started by doppers, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I have been using SCCM for a little while now and in our IT team we have people that create msi files for software deployment with our SCCM server. I was wondering what language I would need to learn to start doing this myself?

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    Not sure what you mean, eg you are developing software and want to deploy that or you want to deploy custom msi packages via SCCM.

    We use to use a program called Wininstall LE that worked well with 2000 and XP, unfortunately this has been retired and they have brought out Smart Packager CE (but doesn't let you create re-packaged .msi packages), they have a full version but you have to pay for it. Apart from that contact the vendor of the software to see if they have a msi that you can deploy :)
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    Slightly tangential but if the software vendors can provide MSI's - what are they using to produce these ?
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    Hi, What I meant was to custom msi packages to deploy with sccm. I was wondering if there would be something in particular I needed to learn or is it just an understanding of the packaging software?
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    Generally Its the Software houses job to create installers, never figured out why people feck with them who aren't developers, seems a nasty hack to me.

    InstallShield and Wise, is the most famous MSI creation software but you can make basic MSI's with Visual Studio.

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