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    I passed degree in computer systems. Have been looking to concerntrate on a specefic aspect. Hopefully networking. In my degree course I covered networking, html, java and other languages, hardware and science tools. After a bit of advice really, I have been looking at maybe an MCSA course but didn't know what kind of level this was at (i.e. if it was for people who dont know what an internet is or more in depth like data packets and sorts). Any advice really, and Hi.
    (just an example of the course)

    Again, hello
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    Hi Welcome:)

    There are certs that require actual on the job experience and certs that require none or very little experience. Microsoft recommend that you have 6-12 months experience of working as a Network Admin before doing the MCSA and yes it covers intermediate to advanced networking knowledge and skill. Other certs that require experience are MCSE and CCNA.

    The certs that don't require experience are compTIA A+,N+ and Microsofts MCDST.

    You may find that you wont be able to walk into a networking job regardless of qualification or certification (although it can happen), the majority of people going into these roles have progressed from other roles such as IT helpdesk or technician and these people are often more equipped for what awaits them in a networking role as they have a broader experience to back them up.

    BTW a training provider won't tell you this as they are just after your cash. You can self study any and all certs thus saving yourself money :)
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    To back up Green's comments, I have self studied and passed 2 Microsoft exams on my way to becoming an MCSA, so I highly recommend it. The hardest part is staying motivated but also choosing the best study aids from the plethora available today. Something we on this forum can help you with, for instance, I'm a fan of using Microsofts own books, Exam Cram 2 books and CBT Nuggets video's. Cheers, James
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    Hi & welcome to CF :)

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    Hi & welcome to CF:D

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    Thanks for the insight greenbrucelee and jk2447. I think I'll be looking around for a while.

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