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hello!!! help needed!!

Discussion in 'Network+' started by danniburke, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. danniburke

    danniburke New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say Hi!!!!!

    This is not really for my purposes but my husbands, thought i'd see if I can find out some information for him!!

    Anyway, his company has asked if he would take over looking after the computers at his work and find a course that would cover sorting out Network problems etc... exams are not needed...just needs to be able to do it!

    Been looking at the Comptia Network + course...as this seems to be what he needs to be able to sort out any problems with it etc...

    Do you think it is possible to just go in and start learning about this without any previous courses being completed (I.E the A+)

    He is quite knowlegable with computers, and as i say only really needs to learn about the stuff in Newtork + course.

    Been looking at: http://www.trainingcenter.com/compti...-online.htm#11

    anyone know if they're any good???

    Any advise would be appreciated as don't want him to go in head first and it be too much.

  2. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member

    Hi Danni, and welcome to CF.

    You say that your husband needs to learn about networking? Do you know what network operating system(s) the firm he works for uses? Do they expect him to have a basic knowledge,? I ask because that is what the training that would enable him to take and pass Net+ will give him.

    As an aside, do they expect him to look after networking issues while doing his normal day job? Networks can be very troublesome and can take a fair bit of time up, when you're looking to diagnose and solve issues. I would hope they appreciate this.

    Is there someone else in the firm who is, say, a network administrator that your husband will be expected to work with, or is he replacing someone who has left/is leaving?


  3. neutralhills

    neutralhills Kilobyte Poster

    Whether the Network+ is suitable all depends on what kind of network is in place. If it's a very small network with no high-end stuff, the training would be appropriate. However, he's not going to find the Network+ all that useful if he's staring down a Cisco router, PIX firewall, MS ISA Server, or a group policy that's not propagating because something is borked in Active Directory.

    Think of the Network+ as being kindergarten with everything else I mentioned being grade six or above.
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  4. Starke

    Starke Nibble Poster

    Haha what he said.

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