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Hello guys!

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by lamnt, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. lamnt

    lamnt New Member

    Hello guys. I'm went to university when I wasn't serious or had any idea in what I wanted to do. I did an economics degree because my parents told me to do it even though I had no interest in it. Unfortunately I failed really badly and that experience has really burnt me. The worst part of it was that it's all theory. I'm a hands on kind of guy and that course was never right for me. I vow to never again do anything I have no interest in. I took a year out and I spent it living with relatives abroad to "find myself".

    I'm back in the UK and I know what type of career I want. I want to get into IT. I mean specifically I want to be the guy who installs and maintains of the hardware. Very often at Uni the equipment would have a problem and I used to observe technicians coming in to fix them.

    I've been looking through the forum so far and most people are saying to self study. The most common route seems to be to do the A+, get into the HelpDesk while getting other certificates. So I guess my plan of action would be to get any job at first to pay bills and my studying, self study for the A+, find volunteer positions in IT and then get into helpdesk to get experience. while adding on more certificates.

    I've already made a mistake once in my life and that experience will always be with me. I don't want to make another. All help and advice is welcomed. I'll be going through the forum. I have one question though. Do you guys know of any college courses that could help me? I remember when I was in college there used to be a lot of courses for Electricians and Plumbers. Once they finished that course they could start at a junior position. Is there an equivalent for that in IT? I would love to be around other people who are like minded and it would be a great opportunity for networking. It would also make it easier to go up the ladder. I'll be going through the college websites later this evening.

    Thanks you for reading this.
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Look for places that run part-time Cisco IT Essentials or A+ style courses. There are a lot of technology colleges around the country.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2014
  3. lamnt

    lamnt New Member

    I looked around. All the courses I can find seem to be two year courses where I take the A+ exam at the end (which I have to pay for separately). Without sounding arrogant I don't need two years to learn this. I decided that it would be better to look for a normal job while self studying for it. I love computers so it's not a chore for me to spend my free time doing this. I also want some money to buy computer parts to practice. I want to build a computer for my mother and other relatives.

    The only difficulty so far is getting a normal job. My CV and experience aren't exactly making employers run to my door. However since I'm eager and I am willing to do any kind of a job, I hope I'll find something soon.

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