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Hello Everybody!!!!! I'm Peter

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by peterbrunton, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. peterbrunton

    peterbrunton New Member

    Hi I'm Peter I'm currently doing a course plan of A+/N+/MCSA or MCSE if I pay upgrade of £500 to Scheidegger MIS administration department.

    I am having problems making my mind up about something I have been quite happily trudging along through my course but my mum met someone who is already qualified for IT jobs

    He thinks that I should bite the bullet as I have already finished the coursework for CompTIA A+ and am now working through the N+ material also the other reason he thinks I should do this is because if I don't sit it before March then I will have new content to study before I can go ahead and sit the exams

    I am also worried about something he said which was :

    Have you considered going to college? An HNC or HND is far more valuable
    than any vendor qualification and you will learn a lot lot more, you learn
    about the office apps, databases, linux, project management, presentations,
    reports, real networking, hardware, operating systems (server 2003, Novell,
    UNIX) as you can see this is why most employers could not care about vendor
    qualifications UNLESS it is accompanied by a college certification.

    This demeans my efforts that I have put into the course I am doing and couldn't possibly depress me anymore than I thought possible but is it strictly true I mean I see jobs in the paper all the time asking for IT supportand the main qualification I see is MCSE or MCSA?

    I am using the A+ Comlete guide by Sybex and doing theflash cards and assessments at the moment after which I will do the A+ Mc Graw Hill Tests by Mike Myers.

    ( no not Austin Powers although it is strange their names are the same!)

    Then I was thinking of paying for the Testking A+ exam questions as extra practice

    I would appreciate any advice on this topic as I am quite stuck :( with what to do and whether I am making the right choice doing what I am doing please leave a reply if you have any advice you wish to contribute to my cause. :) :biggrin
  2. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Hi Peter and welcome to CF.

    I shall address the TestKing thing first as I'm running out of time. My advice is here is DON'T. They are classed as Braindumps and are infact illegal. Yes the site looks legit and flashy but trust us here mate you will be doing your self no favours at all by using them. Check out THIS (clickable link) for more advice on the subject.

    As for the rest of your quiery, I'm sure the others will be along to answer your questions and give you a true CF welcome. :D
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    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    Yeah! Like he said!

    Oh and Welcome to CF:biggrin
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    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    That's not strictly true, most of the employers and certainly my It manager states, work experience is preferred over certs.

    He also states, that they prefer vendor certs than academic certs, because Comptia or Microsoft is reconised throughout the industry.

    While City and Guilds or OCR or HND is not reconised worldwide.

    Personally I think you should go for A+ then N+.8)
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  5. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Firstly the CompTIA certs A+ and Net+ are vendor neutral.

    The HNC and HND are not globally recognised.

    He is saying that a college piece of paper is more valuable than any cert. Well to whom? If you are looking to employ someone in the real world to configure your Cisco routers, switches and firewalls would you chose someone that has an HNC, can do presentations and knows about office, a bit of database knowledge or would you take on a Cisco CCNP?

    If you were looking to employ someone to manage your windows network, would you be looking to employ a college person with an HND or a Microsoft MCSA/E?

    In reality it is experience which counts. Couple that with certifications in areas that you have that practical experience and you are on the right track.
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