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Hello every1!

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by haroon4528, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. haroon4528

    haroon4528 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I have seen a website called "Just IT" and they provide a fast track Network Professional Program with a money back guarantee for a job between £16k to £25K (average £18.5k), please can you advise if I should go for it as I understand its almost impossible to get into a 1st line support role with out any work experience which Just IT provides. I would appreciate your advise.
  2. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    Hey Haroon,

    I must say it isn't 'almost impossible' at all for first line roles. Most people here had to start somewhere.

    While you're applying for 1st line roles, consider self studying for the CompTIA A+, this will show any potential employers that you're eager to learn and give them confidence you know what you're doing.

    In regards to JustIT as a training provider, here are some snippets of links I found (loads more though)
    Just IT recruitment agency review??? - The Student Room
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  3. haroon4528

    haroon4528 New Member

    OH MY GOD!, thank you for opening my eyes. This is is why I signed up and I appreciate the effort you made to assist me. But if i self study than what real chances have i got to get my foot into 1st line support without any work experience especially when I am in full time employment?
  4. Simon Perriton

    Simon Perriton Bit Poster

    My name is Simon and I am the founder and MD at Just IT Training and Just IT Recruitment.

    Haroon is looking for balanced advice about the pros and cons of using a training provider and I would say that;

    1) Always visit a training provider and speak to the candidates past and present to find out what they though/think of the set up. At Just IT we encourage this.
    2) If you are still concerned speak to the employers that work with the training provider and see why they employ candidates from Just IT. At Just IT we encourage this.
    3) Look at the funding options and see if there are pay as you earn options - this reduces the risk if you are worried you will not get a job. At Just IT we offer this.
    4) See how long the company has been trading for and make sure they are financially stable. Just IT has been around for over 11 years and have income from self-funded training / employer training / recruitment and apprenticeships and are financially stable.
    5) Meet the Directors / Owners of the business and see if you trust them. I happy to give advice to people on the phone, by email or face to face. 0207 426 9835 / [email protected]
    6) Look at the internet for reviews and speak to the training company to follow them up if you can. There are over 250 reviews at Just IT www.justit.co.uk Reviews | Graduate Careers | Review Centre for Just IT. The vast majority of candidates are happy to give references on the phone if needed.
    7) Remember that even the best training companies are not perfect and there is always a risk when you buy something. So do your research well. Just IT is not perfect - but we continue to learn from our mistakes whenever they happen.
    8) Find out for what reasons a training company will refuse to take on a candidate. At Just IT we only train certain types of people - ie those we think will get a job in IT after our programme. If a training company takes money from everyone then I would suggest they are not being consultative enough.

    I hope this helps Haroon.


  5. Notes_Bloke

    Notes_Bloke Terabyte Poster

    Welcome to CF:D

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  6. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster


    Thanks for coming on CF to explain your position, however you are posting on a forum with a lot of old pro's :) on it (myself included). We often get asked about training providers such as yourselves who "Guarantee" a job at the end of the course or your money back, which quite often to youngsters working in tesco's or whatever looks like gold lined paving, what could possibly go wrong. However we know for a fact that companies offering this sort of enticement often fall way short of the mark by using dodgey sales practices,ignoring the exams person specs, braindumped training material (if any at all) and general BBC rougue trader alerting techniques to get the DD set up.

    To really set yourselves apart from the others if you are not one of the companies I've just described why not remove the guarantee. We have no problems with training companies as such (hell its been compulsary for me to attend some training courses to do my 2 VCP's), but the headline grabbing on your website smacks of all the other companies we have to advise people to avoid daily.

    At the end of the day though we advise people to self study, £40 for a book and some old ebay computer bits has got to be a cheaper way of starting an IT career and it puts people into the correct mindset of finding information for themselves.
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  7. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    I got into IT by self-studying, so have many people on here.

    First line roles are about doing ANYTHING you can to keep a customer/client/user happy. Its so important to learn good communication skills.

    Most places of work won't expect you to know how to handle every situation; but if they know you're willing to learn (ie: self-studying), and you appear eager - then you'd be good for 'most' first-line roles.
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  8. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    Welcome back Simon.

    You've posted your argument in one or two of the links I've posted. I'm not trying to be bias, I'm even speaking to companies local to me to get training. I just simply feel TP are better once you've got experience and you're looking for expert training in a specific area.

    If you're new to IT and want to get into the industry: show some self-motivation, study hard and earn the certification. Its extremely basic knowledge and shouldn't cost the £3-5k most companies charge.
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