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Discussion in 'A+' started by Paj, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Hi everyone, been reading these forums for a while now, very good forum indeed and you all seem like decent people. I have recently enrolled with Computeach to do an A+ with MCSE and CCNP course. I have read that some of you are not completely happy with computeach, i must say i have found them ok thus far. Anyways i have sat my first Mock Exam on the A+ IC3 Module A, and failed with 70%, lol not a good start i know. My question is for example one of the questions was ( cant remember exact Q's ) Identify an Output Device, possible answers, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Monitor, i ticked both Monitor and Printer, but thinking about it now the question did not say tick all that apply or 2 possible anwers, would this have been a failed question? Thanks for your replies.

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    First of all Carl, welcome to CertForums. Glad you like the place. If you get a moment, pop up to the New Members Introduction forum and tell us something about yourself.

    To answer your query, both a monitor and a printer would be considered output devices (and conversely, a mouse and keyboard would be considered input devices). No as far as whether or not you were expected to choose both, that depends on how the question was designed. I've tried my hand at a few QOTDs (Question of The Day) on this forum and writing a good and fair question is harder than it looks. Some questions or tests can be badly designed.

    On the other hand, it was just one question and all by itself, it most likely didn't completely determine a pass or a fail. Not passing a test, even a mock test, is no fun. Go back over your study materials and see where you could learn more. The A+ cert covers alot of ground and it might take a bit of time to become proficient.
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