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Hello - Advice request also please

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Abeefeater, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Abeefeater

    Abeefeater New Member

    Hi guys i was adamant into jumping straight into a CIW foundation course from a certain company thankfully i stumble across this site.

    I think/hope by choosing to buy my own resources i will save alot of money but i worry that i could over whelm myself with information.

    I'm really eager to learn website design was thinking of offering free websites to local business' and slowly gradually building up my portfolio to develop my new founded skills into a career.

    I have a very basic knowledge of html but i was wondering what books i should study if any one has personal experience of them that would be fantastic.

    Im aware of some free websites which are excellent w3schools etc im working my way through them too :)

    Thanks alot people - sorry about the long post.
  2. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Hi & welcome to CF :)

    Apart from building up your portfolio and the w3schools. Why not study study the CIW (if you're still interested in them) and/or Adobe's range of certs (ACA) for Dreamweaver, Flash and/or Photoshop? :)

    Certifications: CITP, PGDip, BSc, HNC, LCGI, PTLLS, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCSA:M, MCSA, MCDST, MCP, MTA, MCAS, MOS (Master), A+, N+, S+, ACA, VCA, etc... & 2nd Degree Black Belt
    WIP: MSc in Tech Management
  3. Abeefeater

    Abeefeater New Member

    I was always going to do CIW as a starting point. Do you think it is more beneficial to learn the syllabus by purchasing my own books and just paying to enter the exam or to use a home schooling service such as skillstrain or homelearningcollege i am just a bit put off by there sales pitches almost forcing their way into your home to get you to sign on the line.

    thanks for your reply Lewis

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