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Hardware Upgrade

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ChrisH, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. ChrisH

    ChrisH Nibble Poster

    I think I may have just made a mistake and need a recovery plan.

    I've agreed to sell my AMD 3200+ (venice), ECS NForce 4 Motherboard, 1GB memory, ATI x300 gfx and cheap case for £200 cash on Friday which I thought was more than a good price (for me).

    My plan was to go out when I finish work at 1pm on Friday and buy new an AM2 board with onboard graphics (not a gamer), cpu and DDR2 memory. It may just be me being picky but I'm don't like micro-atx motherboards in full size cases but now I've promised to sell my stuff I can't find a full size atx motherboard with onboard graphics or a micro-atx case available locally.

    I have Watford Electronics (www.savastore.com) PCWorld (www.pcworld.co.uk) and Maplins (www.maplin.co.uk) local.

    Given £200 and the need to buy a processor, board with gfx, 1 gb memory and case with psu from one of the above supplier on Friday what would you get? Don't need to stick to AMD or AM2 on suggestions, just looking for opinions.

    My current choice is as follows:
    CPU (1 in stock, worrying as only Semprons available at same price)
    1GB PC5300 DDR Memory
    Case inc PSU

    Total £180 ish

    This uses a full size case for a micro board. Am I being stupid wanting a micro case?, theres no space issues just thought it would look neater given the smaller motherboard.

    I honestly don't use the computer for much.. internet, occasional old game (P3 capable 4mb gfx) and agreed to sell because AM2 became available just after I bought what I've got and that £200 is more than what I originally paid.
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  2. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    I would have stuck with the PC you had :blink

    IMHO a proper graphics card does more than just enable modern game play. A proper dedicated card will render graphics better, better brighter colours, contrast etc than an on-board ones does and they have their own video RAM which I believe performs better but more importantly does not steal the systems RAM.

    I prefer bigger cases because they are easier to work inside, when upgrading or just fiddling. Also, more air flow.
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  3. YottaMedia

    YottaMedia Bit Poster

    CrisH You would be best off buying from eBay if you are able to decide which sellers are useless. Always about the cheapest parts I've found, though when building systems often have a peek at www.overclockers.co.uk as well: they're the daddies. Might help
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  4. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Another website that you may be interested in is www.ebuyer.com

    Their customer service is lacking but their prices are cheap.

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