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Had my first ever IT job interview today! :)

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by jvanassen, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. jvanassen

    jvanassen Kilobyte Poster

    Im 23 years old and currently working as a sales assistant. Earlier this year i decided to finally get some IT qualifications behind me as that is where my interest has always layed but ive just never done any courses or qualifications within it. At school i chose to do sport instead of IT and also at college i did a BTEC sports science course instead of IT. I look back now and wish i had just done IT lol.

    Anyway to the point, a week ago i became A+ certified. That evening i ordered myself a Network+ book, redid my CV and tarted it up. I then went onto 5+ job agency sites and started applying for 1st line support/helpdesk jobs. Must of applied for 20 odd in total. The next day i got a call from one of these jobs which was based in Colchester (a 70mile round trip compared to my 2/3 mile normal round trip to work)

    Went for the interview today at the company's head office and it was such a great feeling finally going for an IT job interview and its the perfect "starter" job....Just dealing with internal calls at there head office from different branches and helping them fix any problems remotely from head office. Loved the sound of job and i know its early days but all signs showed that the guy was quite impressed with my attitude and answers to his questions. Also got made to do a test with lots of IT questions onit and he asked me how much notice i would have to give at my current job.

    The only downside to this is if i got offered the job im not sure whether i would be able to take it as although it would be an increase from my current wages im use to spending £80 on petrol for the month....Well for this job i would be looking at £280 for the month and thats just getting to and from the job.

    So fantastic day and have found the dream starter job but think im guna be pretty gutted if they do offer it to me. It is something i thought about before the interview but thought i would go anyway for some interview experience and we also spoke about it in the interview. He asked me about the distance and i just said that if i got offered the job i would really love to take it and that i would try my hardiest to find a way to afford the travel lol.
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  2. l4ter

    l4ter Nibble Poster

    Mate, take it... they may even take this into consideration after your probation finishes and if they dont... Leave... its the experience that will count. The next employer might even be impressd that you went to such lengths in order to gain the positon. Dont get stuck in the "safe" positon!
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  3. jvanassen

    jvanassen Kilobyte Poster

    Im afraid ive got bills and stuff mate which i cant afford to be out of work or out of pocket. One of the questions i asked was if the company paid any travel fees which i was expecting a no to but he answered with "No but the distance you travel would be taking into consideration when working out your salary" Im jumping the gun a bit really will just have to wait and see if i get a phone call but ive worked things out looking at the maximum salary that was advertised (which i wouldn't necessarily get) and i wouldn't really be able to live lol. But depends what he meant by travel would be taken into consideration.

    Just have to wait and see.....
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    WIP: ICND2 200-101
  4. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    Well done on the interview, any experience is good experience and I'm sure you are feeling pretty chuffed with yourself for even getting this far during the current job climate.

    I was in the same situation 3 years ago, ended up taking a job 35 miles away (so 70 miles each day), used to drive each way for 1.5hours but the experience and environment was fantastic. Yes I did spend £250 a month travel, but I looked at the 5 year plan so this suited me perfectly.

    After 2 years, I moved closer to the job - making it a 5minute journey, although the cost of rent was that much higher so I eventually moved further away again (Doh) 8)

    now just over 3 years later, I've not got a job in the city, on a higher wage and it was all because of my previous history. Any employers who see you can travel a decent distance for work, feel a lot safer - especially if you ever consider working in London later in life. Public transport can be a bitch.
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