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    We went to Disneyland paris last year on a coach trip and it was great, but my daughter was a tad too young to fully appreciate Disney Studios (special effects) at nearly 5 yrs old! So this year, I booked a 5 day coach holiday which incorporates Disneyland (Paris)/ A day in paris and a day in Efteling (Belgium). I've just opened my mail (snail mail) from National Holidays. Thought it was going to be a letter informing me that I had to pay the balance by whatever date and found out that its a letter informing me that they have had to cancel the booking as there were not enough people wanting to go on it :cry: My daughter is going to be gutted :(

    They have offered me the same one that we went on last year which will also incorporate a day in Paris but it will be a waste really as my daughter will not enjoy the studio's! I can get my money back but thats not the point :!:

    Its the ideal holiday for me as it is affordable and it is suitable for me as a single Mum. Really pee'd off now :x
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    Sorry to hear that Greebo
    is it a must that you goto the special effects place? couldnt you perhaps spend more time on the rides? :)
    I guess your somewhat limited with those coach trips by thier schedule, use them quite frequantly to go shopping in calais

    well, I did!

    Hope you and your daughter still manage to have a good holiday!
    you definatly deserve it after this last term at school!!
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    Your not wrong there m8 :lol:

    Mind you, this place had made my job easier as you guys have helped me so much :D Thanx Guys :hug :clap :thumbleft :respct
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    Reasonalbe rates for consunltancy :biggrin
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  5. Greebo

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    :tune :lol: Thanx AJ, You have helped ENORMOUSLY in my efforts to get the AD in some sort of workable order :biggrin

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