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GoToMeeting kills DNS

Discussion in 'Software' started by LukeP, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. LukeP

    LukeP Gigabyte Poster


    I've got a small problem which is quite annoying. In a small office of about 20 people, when one of them launches GoToMeeting session, the DNS dies for the whole office. If you keep retrying it will eventually come back with an answer, but most of the time it will come back with a timeout, dns unreachable or something similar.

    Internal DNS works fine and all internal names can be resolved without an issue. Forwarded DNS requests don't work though.

    If GoToMeeting isn't running then everything is working as expected. I've been trying to figure out what it is to no avail. From a router (very edge of the network) the DNS requests time out as well (with GoToMeeting running). As soon as the session is terminated, DNS starts working again.

    It's really annoying and I can't find anything that could cause this.

    Any ideas what to check?

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  2. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster

    What router do you have sounds like it might be a issue with the router to me. Internal dns look up works fine you say but what about on the gotom session workstation can that still resolve externally?
    I would be tempted to try a different router if possible or at least google it for similar issues.
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  3. LukeP

    LukeP Gigabyte Poster

    Thanks. Tried googling but couldn't find anything. Router is a Netgear DG834. Getting another line connected on Thursday and going to use Cisco 877 on that. Will then route traffic via this new line and try to see what's wrong with this one. The workstation that runs the GoToMeeting session can't resolve anything either. But since it's mostly used for demoing software I was able to work around that by using local hosts file on the machine (for websites that are needed for the demo).

    Will try another router and hopefully it's not the line itself.
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  4. henryroger

    henryroger New Member

    Try using a RHUB web conferencing server and let me know if it resolved your issue.

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