Gotcha: vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (VMSC) & HP StoreVirtual

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    So you have put together an epic vSphere Metro Storage Cluster using your HP StoreVirtual SAN (formerly Lefthand) using the following rules:

    • Creating volumes for each site to access it's datastore locally rather than going across the inter site link
    • Creating DRS 'host should' rules so that VM run on the ESXi Hosts local to the volumes and datastores they are accessing.

    The gotcha occurs when you have a either a StoreVirtual Node failure or a StoreVirtual Node is rebooted for maintenance, let me explain why.

    In this example we have a Management Group called SSDMG01 which contains:

    • SSDVSA01 which is in Site 1
    • SSDVSA02 which is in Site 2
    • SSDFOM which is in a Site 3

    We have a single volume called SSDVOL01 which is located at Site 1.

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