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    I'm doing a second interview for a half-time position with HP as a Manpower contractor. I'd be supporting the hardware for their Human Factors Lab. They use the lab to test newly constructed websites for ease of use. If hired, I'd be maintaining their audio/video equipment, FLARE server (whatever that is), control room and testing room PCs, OCS (Observational Coding System) software and Eye-tracking system software, Imaging back up system, and anti-virus software on all systems. It seems compelling and at 20 hours a week, I'd also be able to continue my writing.

    Now I just got a call from a recruiter offering me an interview for a full-time/overtime position with Qwest for six-months doing call center support for their DSL services. I just finished putting in the PCs for the project so I know they're expanding like wildfire. Typically, the offer $9.50 to 10.00 an hour so I haven't been interested, but this recruiter says that she could get me in within my range which is somewhat higher.

    Having a full-time job with overtime for six months would do wonders for the family coffers but I'm not so sure I want to be chained to a desk for 10 hours a day and having my potty breaks timed down to the millisecond. I suppose I could interview for the job and then turn them down, but I hate doing that since it wastes my time, the interviewer's time and the recruiter's time. I initially turned this one down but then backed up and told her to give me 24 hours to think about it. That'll give me time to be interviewed for the hp position and get a read as far as how the interview goes.

    I just go an interview from the project manager at hp confirming our appointment for 1 today. The interview will just be with her and one other person since the rest of the team is currently out of town.

    I know no one can make this decision for me but I feel better just "talking" about it. It's interesting because Dice is advertising another position in the same group for someone with a master's in psychology or a related field...probably to be one of the analysts. I actually have a behaviorial science background but have really divorced myself from any thoughts of ever using that part of my education and training again.

    Anyway, just babbling on here. As always, comments and observations are welcome. Thanks.
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    Here's what I'd do (for what it's worth). I would speak to the recruiter and explain your reservations about call centre jobs and ask his/her advice. Say that you are tempted to go for the interview to find out more but don't want to be thought of as wasting anyones time. If you get to the interview ask to see the call centre and maybe even ask an existing member of staff what it's like working there. Not all call centres are the battery farms people think they are.
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    Ironically Luton, I helped install the PCs in that call center. A couple of weeks ago, another tech and I spent three days installing fifty-some-odd PCs, imaged the hard drives and installed all the application software, then tested the lot. I knew the DSL center was going great guns and that they'd need a lot of folks. I've investigated those jobs before but they're usually very, very low pay. It surprised me when the recruiter told me they could give me an hourly rate in my range. I know their day-to-day staff doesn't get it.

    I also know someone on the staff. Last year, I did a hardware rollout with a team of seven techs for a state government office. I got to know one guy named Rick. He applied with Qwest and got a job with them in the same place seven months ago. When I was doing the PC install a few weeks ago, he came over to talk with me. He says he's happy there and that they've got great benefits. He did have to keep looking at his watch to make sure he got back in time.

    The interview for the hp job didn't go as well as the first one. The person who originally interviewed me Sharon was there as was the project lead Bill. I could tell that Sharon was still enthusiastic about me but I don't think I impressed Bill as well. I spent time studying up on Observational Coding System software and disk imaging because those subjects were on the specs for the job but he asked a bunch of questions about digital imaging and streaming audio and video which I have no experience with.

    Bill referenced the previous worker in that position Terry. Apparently, he's something of a wonder and would still be available for training. Bill spent so much time talking about Terry that I probably shot myself in the foot when I asked him if Terry had walked into the job a genius or if he had to learn about it. Fortunately, he had to learn, but in retrospect, it was a dumb question to ask.

    They still want to do a panel interview with the whole team but the team is out of state for the next two weeks. I don't know if I can wait on pins and needles that long, especially if other offers come in the meantime. I'll probably give the call center recruiter a call tomorrow and set up an interview. Heck, it's only six months and the bottom line is supporting the family.
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    That is what I hate when you know an interviewer is just going through the motions because their mind is already made up on the person they really want.
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