Goals for 2022

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    Happy New Year to all... TBH, I can't believe that it's already 2022... I'm getting old, haha

    Anyway, it's this time of the year when we list our goals for the upcoming year and say what we achieved last year :)

    Goals for 2022
    For me, my goals for this year are:
    1. [Education] To complete my PGCert in Computing.
    2. [Education] To start working towards the PGDip in Cyber Security.
    3. [Work] To gain the Cyber Security Essentials accreditation for work and to start working towards the Cyber Security Plus accreditation.
    4. [Hobby] To gain my 4th Dan in Tang Soo Do (karate).

    Goals completed in 2020
    1. [Education] Completed my Masters

    Not a very long list, but that's all I want to do. Not looking at any professional certifications for the next two years really.

    So how about you? What are your goals and what have you achieved over the last year?
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    WIP: PGDip Cyber Security and CEH
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    All the best for 2022. Thanks for this post. It’s tradition that you do these Kit Kat. Some excellent and difficult goals there mate. Love em.

    Mine are going to be, in no particular order:
    1) VCP and VCAP in vSphere 8 DCV when they come out
    2) Get into the best shape of my life (or well on my way)
    3) Continue my property investing
    4) Continue to dabble in crypto investing and hope I get lucky
    5) Keep active on Certforums. I’ve got some big bills to pay for the old girl around April to renew the hosting so here’s hoping we can all do well with our studies and careers and continue to support each other in 2022
    Certifications: VCP4, 5, 6, 6.5, 6.7, VCAP DCV Design, VMConAWS Skill, BSc (Hons), HND IT, HND Computing, ITIL-F, MBCS CITP, MCP (270,290,291,293,294,298,299,410,411,412) MCTS (401,620,624,652) MCSA:Security, MCSE: Security, Security+, CPTS, CCA (XenApp6.5), MCSA 2012, VSP, VTSP
    WIP: vROps specialist
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    1. Start electronics as a hobby
    2. Lose weight and get fit
    3. Invest and make money
    4. Maybe a bit more Kubernetes and GCP self study, not sure on that yet. Will definietly be doing some IT related study, but nothing intense or cert related.
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    I was a bit [email protected] last year in all honesty and just didnt have any motivation for some reason. I did manage to get my AWS CCP which I was quite pleased with. The plan for this year (Work wise) is to finally break out of Support and into Network / Dev Ops or Sys Admin. It was my plan for 2021 but stuff happened and here we are in 2022. So the plan of attack:

    Self Study:
    1. PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification
    2. Linux Essentials,
    3. Kubernetes, Docker and Git,
    4. Another AWS Cert as I really enjoyed the A Cloud Guru courses and the AWS Exams.

    Via Work:
    1. Meraki ECMS Course,
    2. Cisco Dev Net Associate.

    1. Lose 3 Stone in time for the Maldives in May,
    2. Keep the 3 Stone OFF when I get back from the Maldives in June,
    3. Look for a Network / Dev Ops or Sys Admin role at my current place or new place,
    4. Be around a lot more on CF,
    5. Become a Crypto Millionaire or Win the lottery.
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