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Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by wizard, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    Just like to pick your brains.

    I have noticed now before the gmail site loads up it is connecting to localhost for some reason. It has been doing it for a couple of days now, just wondering why it is now trying to connect to localhost first? No other site as far as I'm aware is doing tis.
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  2. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    local host is normally your loopback address ( so unless its sending info internally and then externally (gmail) very slowly, i cant see why this is happening, especially if its affecting just one site...

    tracert above - perhaps its an issue with one of the gateways?

    ...btw, i may be totally wrong here

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