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getting a job ...

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by 4vr4, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. 4vr4

    4vr4 Bit Poster

    Hello everyone,

    As i just introduced myself in 'new members' area and would like to get some advice and opinins from you guys.

    I relocated to London couple of month ago from Vilnius (reason - girlfriend :). I do have 5 years experience in IT field - as i managed here in UK i'm like an IT Technician ( hardware, software, networking). I've been working as an IT technician in my country ( Lithuania) for couple of years while i was studying. Then for a year in largest communications company in Lithuania as an Data Transfer specialist/ customer support person. Then moved to international Lithuanian -Canadian company NewspaperDirect for IT Technician/Administrator role.
    I have finished my studies and have 'PC Maintenance and Network administration' – an engineer’s qualification diploma. Do speak English, russian well.

    And so i've send CV to hundreds of positions and have no any positive responses, even haven't got any phone calls back or interview. Also registered with IT emplyement agencies online. I've talked to some mates and they told me thats because i don't have any certificates ( A+, MCSE etc.) and i don't have any experience in UK.

    So if anybody would leke to give me an advice how to get started in UK would appreciate alot.

    Also i'm planing to get MCSA/MCSE, CCNA but that takes time. :)

    Best regards,
    WIP: N+; MCSE/A
  2. Pete01

    Pete01 Kilobyte Poster

    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    Certs don't necessarily guarantee you a job although they do help.

    Are you sending the same CV to all the different jobs? Why not try to target your CV/cover letter to the ones that really stand out to you.

    Also are you highlighting the fact that you're bi lingual? You could include the word "Russian" in your keyword searches and see if any russian speaking jobs come up.

    What does your CV look like? You can post it up here for a critique - take out any personal details first though.
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  3. 4vr4

    4vr4 Bit Poster

    Hi there,

    Cert's should really help but as i think 'person' has to know "a little" what is it all about before getting certs :)

    I do apply even for jobs that doesn't really need a lot of experience ( like basic pc hardware installer etc). But i know something is wrong somewhere ....

    Here's my CV for your review guys:



    2005 Vilnius College (PC Maintenance and Network administration – an engineer’s qualification diploma)
    1999 Zemyna High School (High school diploma)


    2004-2006 VoxMundi JSC, Newspaper Direct partner in Baltic States,
    Print Station Administrator, IT Technician

    • Administration of Newspaper Direct Print Station;
    • Maintenance and configuration of HP LaserJet 8100, HP Laser Jet 8150 printers;
    • New print station set up;
    • Running, Broadcasting and Reviewing MS PowerPoint 2003 Presentations;
    • Keeping all software up to date in several locations;
    • Solving connection issues with main Newspaper Direct remote server;
    • Setting up Symantec PC Anywhere on print stations;
    • Traveling to customer sites;
    • Presenting solutions in written or oral reports.

    2005-2006 Outsourcing Direct JSC, Computer Technician

    • Purchasing systems, where appropriate;
    • Defining software, hardware and network requirements;
    • Maintenance of printers, desktop PCs and laptops;
    • Upgrading PCs and network with new components;
    • Managing the email system and ensuring the appropriate level of anti-virus protection;
    • E-mail box creation for new users;
    • Fixing PC hardware and software failures;
    • Updating software;
    • Managing website.

    2003-2004 Omnitel JSC, Data Transfer Specialist

    • Solving mobile communication issues;
    • Analyzing problems and making recommendations;
    • Managing customers e-mail boxes and problem elimination;
    • Ordering and transferring domain names, virtual servers;
    • Configuring PC and mobile phone settings for internet connection over the phone;
    • Working with Lotus Notes;
    • Selling mobile communication services;
    • Registering connection problems for further elimination;
    • Support for FTP, Newsgroup, e-mail usage.

    2000-2003 Spausk JSC, IT Technician

    • Providing support of IT hardware, software and networks;
    • Trouble shooting, administration and support of Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, MS Office, MS Outlook at all levels;
    • Fixing PC hardware and software failures;
    • Administration and problem solving of LAN (Local Area Network);
    • Connecting new PC users (physically and technically) to local network;
    • Managing the e-mail system and ensuring the appropriate level of anti-virus protection;
    • Creating image files for faster software failures elimination;
    • Upgrading PCs and network with new components.


    Lithuanian – native
    English – very good
    Russian – good
    Polish - good


    MS Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Server 2003; MS Office; MS Exchange; Lotus Notes; ND Print Station; Symantec PC Anywhere; Adobe Photoshop; Corel Draw; e-mail clients; etc.


    Ability to multi-task and prioritise, flexible, receptive, self-motivated, good communicator, team player, pro-active and forward thinking.

    Diploma and references can be provided if needed.


    any suggestions welcome :)

    WIP: N+; MCSE/A
  4. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Good CV mate.

    I would add a personal statement at the beginning of the C.V. Something like "IT Professional with x years experiance and experiance supporting x y and z technolgies. Able to work on own or as part of a team etc etc."

    Basically I had to read the whole C.V untill you listed your technical skills which isnt ideal, try and get some of them into your personal statement. 8)
    Certifications: MSc MCSE MCSA:M MCSA:S MCITP:EA MCTS(x5) Security+ Network+ A+
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  5. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    What stands out in this thread and in your CV are your language skills. From reading your post it is clear to me that you have a really good grasp of English.

    Brits are known to be very lazy when it comes to learning other languages, mainly because so many other countries speak English, hence there isn't usually the need. People in IT that can speak Polish or Russian are very rare in the UK. This is what makes you stand out, milk it for all it's worth!

    I would try and find myself a role in IT where these language skills can be utilised. The rest of your CV is good, but nothing there will set the world alight.

    Just my 2 cnts.

    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)
  6. 4vr4

    4vr4 Bit Poster

    but is it really any real demand for IT people with russian nor polish ? i'm not really sure about it.

    what i've noticed from couple of answers that i have to 'juise' it with something more impressive for the first sight. isn't it ?

    and additional Q:
    as i have got diploma from my studies and as i gratuated i've got a supplement that shows that with the one i can study anywhere in EU i mean countinuous studies. Should i mention it somehow in my CV that it's not only a paper from banana republic :) but it really worth of looking at ...


    WIP: N+; MCSE/A
  7. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    I don't know because I am not part of the russian/polish speaking community in the UK but I would hazzard a guess that somewhere there is a need for people with those extra skills. You have nothing to lose by doing a bit of research and finding out for yourself.
    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)
  8. Pete01

    Pete01 Kilobyte Poster

    I just did a search at jobserve.com just using the word "russian" there were some results there.

    The CV is very good, it has all good points although as the others have mentioned I'd order it a bit differently.

    The technical skills and personal features need to come at the beginning. An introductory paragraph that details your skills and stringest points is very good as well. Give the person who is reading it exactly what they're looking for right at the beginning.

    Here is a good article about writing targeted CV's - it's from the perspective of a high level contractor:


    All the info, skills, experience and bonuses are there, you just need to order it in a way that sets you apart from the competition.
    Certifications: MCP (NT4) CCNA
    WIP: 70-669, Learning MSI packaging

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