General question on Share permissions server 2008 r2

Discussion in 'Active Directory Exams' started by hexamine, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. hexamine

    hexamine New Member

    Hi Folks,
    Just hitting the books and the coach Culbertson videos and I have a small questions.

    When setting up shares and file sharing permissions my Version of Server 2008 R2 doesnt seem to offer the same share functionality as the Server 2008 machines the coach is using in his videos.

    (ie) when I right click a share I have created and go into properties>sharing>share I do not get an option for CONTRIBUTE permission level?

    I only get READ and READ/WRITE !!

    Can anyone advise? is this an R2 difference?

    Any help appreciated.

  2. Julius

    Julius Bit Poster

    Hey Hexamine,

    Good luck with the studies! I am there there too.

    Have you figured it out? I ask because this is an old post. If not, do you have a Permissions tab on your properties screen? Have a look there.


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