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From RAF to Civilan IT job any advice?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Matt B, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Matt B

    Matt B New Member

    I am currently a serving member of the RAF looking to get into the IT industry(networks) when i leave early next year. my experience so far is mainly user level desk top with some 1st line support within in my department. i will be starting the CompTIA A+ course next month followed by the Network + and then perhaps the MCDST after that. what do you recommend to be my best option for a first civilian appointment? and what is the benefit of holding a DV clearance?

    many thanks for any advice!
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  2. SamSixty

    SamSixty Bit Poster

    Hi Matt,

    I got out of the Infantry 6 months ago. I studied for two years before I left the army and used my resettlement grant to attend an instructor led MCSE course. I left with MCSA certification and continued to study until I left the army gaining one more exam in security.

    I went through jobsite.com and reed.com and applied for as many system admin roles as I could find in the last month before my release date. I attended two interviews and got both jobs, chose the one that I was best suited for and began work the Monday after I left the army.

    At first it was hard because I took a big pay drop but within 6 months with the company they have increased my pay by £6000 bringing me up to the same wage I was on when I left the army so don't worry too much about the salary, just go for a job that you will enjoy and benefit from, gaining valuable commercial experience.

    As for security clearance, if you have it that will be beneficial, if you can get it, do so. I have had a few calls from recruiters asking if I have security clearance with well paid jobs, but none in my area.

    Good Luck
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  3. derkit

    derkit Gigabyte Poster

    I work as a 3rd party contractor to the MoD in Whitehall so I keep my eye on the market especially for security cleared roles - there does seem to be a slow down at the moment of security cleared roles, but keeping the clearance is one reason I'm hanging on in my role at the moment (wanted to move a few months ago, buts its secure at the moment).

    From another angle - the networking guys I talk to have all gone through 1st line or desktop support/sys admin roles before getting into networking, so perhaps thats a thought to go with?

    Your location is marked down as London, where you working at the mo?
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