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Fresh install of Xp because Vista machine has malware and trojanss question

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by englishkid19, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. englishkid19

    englishkid19 Bit Poster

    Hi all,

    i have decided to install a copy of xp home edition onto my vista laptop as it has become infected with virus`, i am going to format and then partition the drive. Apparently this will recondition the hard drive and remove the virus from it ! my question is can i then put the computer online and download AVG free antivirus or will that short amount of time unprotected ( say 5 minutes ) be enough for it to be reinfected ? Or can i create some type of disk image of AVG free software cheers ..............
  2. Johnd76

    Johnd76 Megabyte Poster

    i'm sure your computer will be fine till you put AVG on it
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  3. frankcastle

    frankcastle Bit Poster

    A best antivirus is that which can install itself in an infected environment and repair the infected PC.
    My advice is you give a try for free avira edition and make sure you keep updating the software and also change the interactive mode to automatic action like first repair and if not repaired then delete.
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  4. SimonD

    SimonD Terabyte Poster Moderator

    TBF you can have a machine sat behind a NAT firewall that doesn't have AV installed on it and as long as you're not browsing the net from it you will be fine.

    I know a number of people who game from their PC's that don't have AV installed on it, instead they use a different machine (laptop or tablet) for browsing or office type work.

    As a side note, I would probably download the AV software from a machine you know isn't compromised, copy it to a blank USB key and install from that (that's if you're paranoid about being re-infected).
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