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Free Windows 7 Test Resources + Prize Draw

Discussion in 'Windows 7 / 8 /10 Client Exams' started by TimUK, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. TimUK

    TimUK New Member

    Hi All

    Just found this on the UK Technet Blog.
    "Win one of three great prizes by registering for the Deployment Learning Portal"
    Basically you can win a laptop, Xbox 360 or HTC 7 Morzart by registering for their Deployment Learning Portal.

    The portal is basically a set of free practice exam questions around Windows 7. It gives you feedback on any questions that you got wrong and directs you useful resources to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Seems fairly good from what I've seen so far.:)

    Anyway just thought that I'd share with you.

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