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Free Stella Artois chalice glass

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Melissa.intel, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Melissa.intel

    Melissa.intel New Member

    Hey guys

    Thought this might appeal...a free Stella Artois chalice glass if you send more than 35 ecards to your friends.

    Site is www.stellaartois.com or you can do this via your Facebook....it's also for a good cause.

  2. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    Hi Mel.


    I knew you wouldn't leave me here.
    Look. I'm in a bit of a pickle.

    The guy from the Home Office has really freaked out.
    He is refusing to believe that I work for Intel due to the lack of evidence to prove otherwise.
    And the fact that I don't know what country my office is in.

    I also suspect that the BT van that has been parked opposite me for the last few months isn't a real BT repair van due to the fact that I've seen the engineers working.

    Anyway, my wife has left me because she got fed up with being followed to Asda by men in suits and dark glasses.

    The sale of the house has gone through so I've had to move out.
    It's not really worth me getting anything else until you send me my tickets.
    So I'm in an Etap, which isn't bad, but you have to bring your own pillows.

    If you need me, I'm on the free wireless in Starbucks.

    Oh hell, here comes the manager.
    I'm going to have to buy more coffee...
    Certifications: MCT, MCTS, i-Net+, CIW CI, Prince2, MSP, MCSD

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