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    Hi All

    Mindful some of us might have more time on our hands working from home, saved travel time etc. So I thought it might be useful to list out the things that you can learn from VMware, all for free :)

    Below you can find details for:
    • Learning Zone
    • Kube Academy
    • Cloud Credibility
    • Hands on Labs
    • TAM LABS!
    • Feature Walk throughs
    • Blog Beat
    • VMworld
    VMware Learning Zone:

    The basic subscription is totally free to anyone and there are loads of on demand courses you can take and also live events you can sign up for.

    Learning zone home page:

    Live Events programme and registration links -

    Link to recordings of past Learning Zon Events:

    VMware Kube Academy

    Loads of free courses to help you learn Kubernetes and take you from beginner to certification!

    Kube Academy homepage:

    Cloud Credibility

    A fun, task based cloud tech challenge website where you can do challenges individually or in teams to earn points, badges and if you’re good, get swag and be invited to talk at events. Watch the short video on the home page for more information.

    VMware Hands on Labs

    IMHO The absolute best way to quickly get your hands on live environments (with a few simulations) with guided exercises or just have a poke around the interfaces and get familiar.

    Hand on Labs home page:

    Three new Modern Apps labs have just been released!

    · HOL-2013-01-ISM - vSphere 7 with Kubernetes - Lightning Lab

    · HOL-2030-01-CNA - Containers 101 with Photon OS, VMware's Container-Optimized OS

    · HOL-2032-01-CNA - VMware Tanzu Mission Control

    If like me you were disappointed when you tried to find a VMC on AWS lab, fear not, it is there, but listed as “VMware Cloud on AWS”! Here’s a direct link:

    VMware TAM LABS

    TAM LAB is to provide in-depth technology workshop sessions led by VMware Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to enable a culture of learning and partnership across the VMware organization and our customers. TAM Lab provides a platform for all to be hands-on with VMware and non-VMware technologies that will enable a stronger customer delivery through product knowledge and a greater technical resource network.

    YouTube Channel

    ◦ TAM Lab 053 – Home Labs: A Definitive Guide 2020 Update

    ◦ TAM Lab 052 – Using PowerCLI to Support Skyline Setup

    ◦ TAM Lab 051 – Migrating VMs to VMC on AWS via HCX

    ◦ TAM Lab 050 – Interesting and Helpful VMware Flings (Part II,Part III, Part IV, Part V)

    ▪ Part II - Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility

    ▪ Part III - vCenter Event Broker Appliance

    ▪ Part IV - Horizon Helpdesk Utility

    ▪ Part V - VMware vSAN Live

    ◦ TAM Lab 049 – Forwarding security-based events from Log Insight to Splunk

    ◦ TAM Lab 048 – Moving vSphere Authentication from LDAP to LDAPS

    ◦ TAM Lab 045 – vRealize Automation 8 Deployment Workshop

    ◦ TAM Lab 044 – vRealize Orchestrator Deep Dive

    Feature Walk throughs

    Feature walkthroughs is a simulation based site that quickly guides you through the basic capabilities of some of our software

    Feature Walkthrough homepage:

    VMware Blog Beat

    A page that aggregates posts from VMware’s top bloggers posts and an RSS fed to get notified of new posts.

    Blog Beat Home Page:

    View Recorded VMworld Breakout Sessions

    For those who didn’t go to VMworld, or for those who did but would like to see some of the sessions they missed, VMware blogger William Lam has posted a comprehensive set of links to all available sessions on GitHub to download and / or stream - there are loads of sessions available for download, perfect for killing time on the train Have a look here:
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    WIP: VCAP 6.5 DCV (Design)
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