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Free Live On-Line Intro to Cisco Command line Webinar Extravaganza!! LIVE TONIGHT

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by cisco lab rat, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. cisco lab rat

    cisco lab rat Megabyte Poster

    Hello My Little Ratty Ratbags!!

    It's that time again, Uncle Joe has got his bag of sweeties out and rustling them in your direction again

    On the 30th of April (Friday 2010 at 8:00pm GMT sharp there will be a 2:00hour long..ish CCNA Cisco Command Line webinar, this is run along the same sort of lines as the free one day courses. (I believe nobody is out chopping bits of concrete with their hands on a Thursday or drinking out of shoes)

    From 8:00pm till 10pm (Sleep is for hamsters and stuff)

    You can register for the Free CCNA training course Prep on-line here

    Remember it's free and all are welcome, same rules as before:

    You'll need same as before:

    1: Headset (No speakers please as the echo and feedback is not good)

    2: computer

    3: Internet connection

    4: a comfy chair and some tea (No biscuits as they make crunchy noises, unless you dip them first).

    5: No ringing phones in the background. (My software shows the origin of background noise and I do mute excessive noise and and echoing..sorry)

    6: No screaming children or howling animals in the background (We had on one occasion something that sounded like a cow)

    7: No Joke telling until the end, I couldn't stop laughing last time

    8: No talking over each other

    9: If you are good boys and girls I will take requests at the end to draw "interesting pictorial representations of farmyard animals doing unmentionable things"

    All welcome

    Certifications: Yes I pretty much am!!
    WIP: Fizzicks Degree

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