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Free Live On-line Instructor Led IT Courses: GENERAL NETWORKING COURSE

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by cisco lab rat, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Hi All.

    Free Live On-line Instructor Led Course

    Enroll today, limited seats! Reserve your seat on this course here: GENERAL NETWORKING COURSE

    Here is the first of the many Free Live On-line Courses we are running. Sign up today, the class is limited, so it's is a first come, first served basis.

    Closer to the date you will be e-mail the course login details.

    The Timings are below, along with all the course details.

    General Networking
    7.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    8.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    14.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    15.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    21.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    22.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    28.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    29.10.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    4.11.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    5.11.2013 8.15-9:30pm

    Title: General Networking
    Duration: 15 hours
    Sessions: 10 sessions
    Session Duration: 90 mins

    This course will be invaluable in increasing your understanding of some technical aspects of computer networking and will help you move to more advanced courses and industry certifications. Maybe you are not sure if you are ready for Microsoft Server training, CCNA, Comptia N+ or want to learn how to set up a home wireless router and open some ports on it? Confused how to set-up and access an IP Camera? You have found the right place to learn all these things! It is a great course for students who want to learn about different network solutions available today.

    Audience Profile
    This course is intended for students who want to have a better understanding of networking, security for company networks, wireless and Microsoft Windows. It is a great course if you think you might not be ready to join vendor-specific training yet (CCNA, Comptia, MCITP etc.) or want to learn more about network solutions available today.

    There are no special prerequisites for this course. If you know how to use Microsoft Windows and join the session – that is more than enough.
    Delegates will learn how to
    After completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Better understand technical terms related to networking
    • Set up a home router
    • Troubleshoot wireless issues
    • Understand IP addressing
    • Set up basic firewall features (port forwarding)
    • Understand UTMs with Anti-spam/Anti-virus/IPS features
    • Use Dynamic DNS
    • Use basic CMD commands in Windows
    • Perform basic tasks in Windows Server 2008 / 2012
    • Join a PC do a domain
    • Troubleshoot simple network issues
    • Describe and better understand Cisco routers/switches/frewalls/access points
    • Configure and install an IP Camera

    Course Outline
    Session 1: Network Fundamentals
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module allows students to learn about network elements, topologies and network connectivity devices. In this lesson there is a lab showing how to connect a Linksys router to the Internet.
    • Network elements
    • Network topologies (examples, tools)
    • Network connectivity devices (routers, switches, firewalls…)
    • Introduction to the OSI model

    Lab: Setting up a Linksys Router
    • SOHO routers
    • Linksys WRT54G router - installation
    • Troubleshooting + wireless

    Session 2: SOHO routers
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces more advanced features of a SOHO router. You will also learn more about wireless networks and IP addresses.
    • ADSL/VDSL routers
    • DHCP servers and clients
    • Tweaking Wireless options
    • Connect to a wireless network using a Windows 7 laptop (+troubleshooting)
    • Introduction to IP addressing
    • Introduction to cmd commands

    Lab : Tweaking a SOHO router
    • Changing DHCP scopes
    • Changing SSIDs
    • Backup and security

    Session 3: TCP/IP commands and IP addresses
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces all basic cmd commands and discusses troubleshooting options using a Windows operating system. Students will learn more about IP addresses and Windows services as well.
    • TCP/IP tools: ping, ipconfig, tracert, telnet, nslookup, arp, netstat, nbtstat, ftp
    • IP addresses
    • Introduction to NAT

    Lab : Using TCP/IP tools to troubleshoot networks
    • Internet issues
    • Ssh/telnet access
    • DNS labs
    • NAT examples

    Session 4: Firewalls - introduction
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces software and hardware firewalls: Windows firewalls, Windows Server firewalls, hardware firewalls. Creating basic rules and exceptions. Port forwarding using a Linksys router (lab).
    • Firewall types
    • Available solutions (prices, vendors)
    • Why we need a firewall (real life examples)
    • Firewalls available in Windows and Windows Server
    • Port forwarding using a Linksys router

    Lab : Firewall in Windows + Port forwarding using a Linksys router
    • Set up the Windows firewall
    • Add new rules / exceptions
    • Disable the firewall
    • Forward some ports using a SOHO router

    Session 5: Unified threat management (UTM)
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces Unified threat management (UTM) as a comprehensive solution for a network today. Students will learn and see in action many different solutions that were designed to protect our networks (antivirus, IPS, anti-spam etc).
    • Introduction to UTM solutions
    • Available solutions (prices, vendors)
    • Advantages and disadvantages of using UTMs
    • Real life examples and implementations

    Lab : Set up a UTM device - Zyxel USG 20
    • Introduction to Zyxel USG series
    • Basic configuration
    • Firewall rules, NAT
    • Enable anti-virus and anti-spam options
    • Troubleshooting

    Session 5: Dynamic DNS – introduction and implementation
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces Dynamic DNS and shows how to set it up and use every day. A Lab showing how to create a new account is included as well
    • What a Dynamic DNS is all about
    • Available solutions (prices, options)
    • Where can we use this solution
    • How to start

    Lab : Set up a Dynamic DNS account using no-ip and/or dyndns
    • Creating an account
    • Going for a full version?
    • Installing a client on a PC
    • Enabling dynamic DNS on a router/firewall
    • Troubleshooting Dynamic DNS issues

    Session 6: Windows Operating Systems + Microsoft Office
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces Windows Operating Systems and focuses on installation and customization of Windows XP/7/8. History and features of available systems will be discussed as well.
    • History of Microsoft Windows series
    • System requirements, available versions
    • Alternatives to Microsoft Windows
    • Web Browsers
    • MS Office introduction
    • Installing Windows 7 / 8
    • Preparing the system for an end user

    Lab : Installing Windows 7 /8 and customizing the system
    • Prerequisites
    • Installation of Windows 7 / 8
    • Basic customization
    • Adding all required applications for our end user (web browsers, image viewers, pdf readers etc.)

    Session 7: Windows Server - introduction
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module introduces Windows Server family and discusses available verions and basic tools. Students will have a chance to see how to install a Windows Server 2012 and learn about roles and features available.
    • Windows Server history
    • Available solutions (prices, options)
    • Installation
    • Roles, features and services
    • Active Directory Users and Computers, sharing folders (permissions)

    Lab : Install Windows Server 2008/2012 and promote this server to Domain Controller
    • Prerequisites for Windows Server 2008/2012
    • Installing the Server
    • Where to start?
    • Promoting the Server to Domain Controller
    • Adding a new user account

    Session 8: Windows Server – part II
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module allows students to learn about roles and features of Windows Server 2008/2012. We will cover DHCP, DNS, RADIUS, RDWEB… a lab will show all these roles and features in action.
    • DHCP server in Windows Server 2008/2012
    • DNS server
    • Introduction to RADIUS
    • RDP/RDWEB – how we can make our server available for end users

    Lab : Roles and features of Windows Server 2008/2012
    • Creating DHCP scopes and options
    • DNS forwarders
    • Introduction to NAP and RADIUS
    • RDP and RDWEB
    • Adding a PC do the domain

    Session 9: Introduction to Cisco
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module allows students to learn about Cisco and Cisco devices. It introduces available certificates, discusses Cisco devices (routers, switches, firewalls, access points…). Students will have a chance to see Cisco devices in action.
    • Cisco – introduction
    • Alternatives to Cisco
    • Cisco certification program
    • Designing our network using Cisco devices
    • Cisco firewalls and routers in action

    Lab : Cisco ASA 5505 and the 800 routers
    • Introduction to the CLI
    • Web Interface + basic tools
    • Real life examples

    Session 10: IP Cameras – your own CCTV system
    Duration: 90 mins
    This module allows students to learn about IP Cameras, installation and troubleshooting. A life demo will be provided showing how to set up an IP Camera to work as a simple CCTV system with motion detection!
    • IP Cameras – introduction
    • Freeware alternatives – iSpy
    • Dynamic DNS with IP Camers

    Lab : Install and set up an IP Camera with motion detection
    • Unboxing and connecting
    • Basic configuration (IP address, passwords etc.)
    • Enable more advanced options
    • Motion detection with email alerts
    • FTP uploads
    Certifications: Yes I pretty much am!!
    WIP: Fizzicks Degree

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