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    Didn't put this under a sub forum because the ETA-I.ORG seems to be rather unknown outside the miltary.

    They have been developing a sort of a HTI+ exam set. This will be 5 or 6 tests. The "core" and the A/V tests are in beta now. A decision was made to make the beta tests free!

    You do NOT have to go to a Vue or Prometric center! There are thousands of sites (libraries, fire stations) that are test centers. I'm taking my 2 tests today.

    On a related topic... the convention is now only 1 month away. It is in Las Vegas, NV. The fee is $300 however that included a bunch of meals and over 80 training sessions. Many of the sessions are no additional charge (like the one's I'm doing) and a couple have a small material fee (like the fiber optics training. Visit for more data about the convention. Let me know if you want to know more about the beta tests. Best, Tcat
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