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  1. flex22

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    I saw this on my travels IT Support Franchise for sale

    I'm sure working to your own abilities without having company policies/politics and all that cr@p to deal with must be very appealing to a few of us.

    The again there's always the downside of the fact that you take all the repsonsibility yourself when/if things go wrongThen again that ahppens anyway.It's also an investment of your own money.

    Sorry for babbling on but I just wondered what people thought of this, just generally, what do you think of the advert.

    Why :?:

    Well because I'm interested to know, ok :D

    Thanks :!:
  2. Rosy
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    Rosy Megabyte Poster

    Looks like it may be worthwhile for someone who has good business and organisation skills and who likes to take risks.

    Not something that I personally would dare try but would be interested to know more about the possibilities and how it would all work though.
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