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Discussion in 'Software' started by gary_potten, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. gary_potten

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    Hi, its been a few weeks since my last post on exchange server, since then I have found out some info, and done some more work on the issue. We are running windows server 2003 small business, I have installed exchange which was on seperate cds and thats about it. I installed it and it all seamed to work fine.

    Ive looked at the application but just cant figure it out, the problem is im incharge of the companys it and ive explaned to my boss that ive never used exchange before, to which he said he would look into a course but until then I need to show him that I can run his system properly.

    I know that exchange is a major package and most people would not go anywhere near it unless they knew what they were doin. If any one can give me some step by step instructions or if anyone knows a website that can help it would be much appreciated!

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    Exchange is one thing I haven't been able to put my hands on so I can't give you any practical experience in this, but here is a link on configuring exchange in SBS 2003. Hope it helps.
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    Firstly I must ask what you need to do
    and what its currently not doing

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  5. gary_potten

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    We are running an application called VPop3, we have been instructed to switch to exchange for security reasons, but before we move over i need to be able to set up and configure it, id prefer to have it up and running before we move away from a running system.
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  6. mojorisin

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    Think the first thing to do is to get your exchange server setup with mailboxes for your users that will then be used instead of there pop3 accounts and create a test mailbox to make sure everything is working then start to migrate your users to it

    I vaguely remember moving from a pop3 setup to exchange about 4 years ago so memory a bit sketchy to say the least

    Also i didnt use SBS we use the the full blown exchange setup

    But i remember on the client pc's the mail had to be exported to a pst file and then imported back in once you had added the exchange mailbox to the pc

    Hopefully someone else can fill in the blanks :biggrin

    If i remember anything else i will post it here

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