Firewall killed my p2p connections.

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by matt.ryles, Feb 10, 2005.

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    I dont know how you people feel about p2p and please delete this thread if you fell the need too(but please not my acocunt).

    My p2p and bt programs were fine untill I installed norton systemworks 05 and zonealarm. Then they were limited to 5k per sec.

    I have uninstalled both norton and zonealarm but they still seem to be limited to 5k per sec (I have 1mb tiscali). I have opened the ports they use in windows firewall (8661).

    I was wondering if anyone knew anyway around this, if not i think im gonna reformat.

    Once again, if this talk is not acceptable here then please delete this tread. I just thought that this is the best place to come to ask questions like this.


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    Why wouldnt you be able to talk about it? P2P and BT are used for a variety of perfectly normal legit activities, ofcourse thats what you use it for, like the rest of us

    hmm, one thing i can recommend from experiance, alot of ISPs throttle P2P and BT ports, try changing your BT port (in the firewall, and in the client, such as Azeurus)
    not sure re the P2P as i havnt used anything other than BT for a year or so now :/

    i can understand why installing a firewall might block it, but not throttle it and then not remove that throttle when its removed, could be an ISP issue
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