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Firefox in Windows Domain

Discussion in 'Software' started by ban, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. ban

    ban New Member

    Few questions:

    1. We are using FireFox in our domain environment as a web browser, we are not allowed to use IE for business applications. This condition is part of our terms of employment agreement, two years back, we had a serious interpretability issue when we upgraded to IE7 from IE6 & our ERP was not working, during that time we start using FF for our ERP access in office, our vendor took quite a while to fix this, but by now we have stopped using it, by the time the fix is rolled out for IE7 we have IE8 & we are back to square one, ERP refuse to work in compatibility mode as well. So we are happily using FF.

    We have lots of software for our business management, all unix based software apps are openLDAP aware but ERP is not, & also quite a few other apps as well, so we use few plug-ins with firefox for password storage, password exporter to import password (standard passwords in one given department we want to import on all FF installations, departmental requirement not a security issue) we use, fasterfox, foxyproxy, fireshot, send page to email.

    Now there are...
    ... 46 departments
    ... 13000 staff approx in 7 different locations (countries)

    We use FEBE & OPIE plug-ins to create one XPI via FEBE & export all plug-in settings via OPIE & password exporter to export it in XML format to be re-imported back in if a departmental transfer occurred, we delete all old passwords, & import department specific passwords in to FF.

    Requirement: what we are looking for:
    Our help desk is in serious trouble, 23 staff members on 24/7 operations are dedicated just for FF & related stuff, they don't have to do anything, just support FF & associates.

    Does someone know any ADM file for FF only so we can manage it via GPO, which includes plug-in management & about:config as well apart from general options.

    We want to repackage FF with generic settings preconfigured as per our requirement, plug-in pre installed & configured so we can use GP roll out to install it every time a new version released by FF we have to do a daunting task of upgrading all instances of FF all 13 thousand on all 7 locations as per IT policy it had to be done within 9 days after QA team final go ahead. our scoring & performance is based on these policies.

    so we need a direction how can we re-package it in MSI format so we are able to roll it out via GPO in current environment FF will prompt to user for installation when a GP update happens & FF installation is triggered via GPO & we start receiving calls what to do next.

    Its a total nightmare.

    Can someone advise for automation as much as possible, more that FEBE & OPIE automation we have achieved. We have found some MSI related stuff on net, but failed to achieve results & at the moment, FEBE & OPIE is our life & time saver along with password exporter/importer.

    Thanks for reading such a long boring stuff
  2. Sparky
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    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.... :biggrin
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  3. Sparky
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  4. SimonD
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  5. AJ

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  6. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Damn, this place is good!!!

    I was just thinking about the same thing yesterday, and today......wala! :biggrin
  7. simonp83

    simonp83 Kilobyte Poster

    Oh wow, never come across a company that refuses Internet Explorer in favour of Firefox. But unhelpful but just surprised, are there others large companies who have the same policy?
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  8. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    What hourly rate are you offering for someone to sort out all your problems for you?

    P.S. You're not Intel, are you? Not talking to them at the moment.
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  9. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady


    There's more around than you think. This is the second one that I work for now whose company policy is to use FF over IE.
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