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Finally...some interviews!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by ThatLondonFella, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. ThatLondonFella

    ThatLondonFella Bit Poster

    Hello all,

    So, I have finally got a couple of interviews after applying non-stop for the past few months. The first is a via an agency who thought I was right for a Service Desk Analyst job and asked me if they could send my CV forward to this company, which turned out to be News International that is owned by Rupert Murdoch. I had a telephone interview and was successful, despite not knowing much about the software they used but I stressed that I was willing to learn. That's on Friday and I was informed that I will have a 15 minute test before the interview. I don't know what this test will be about and wondered if anyone here has possibly had a test for a Service Desk Analyst job?

    The second is for a Entry Level 1st Line Support role in Croydon for a digital marketing, SaaS and e-commerce company. I'm confident about this interview, more-so than the Service Desk Analyst job, but was just wondering what this interview may involve? I've never been to a interview for a 1st Line Support role before and would be grateful for any advice. I've read up on what the role entails and think I will be a perfect fit not only for the role as I have a Computer Science degree and vast amounts of customer service skills but I feel I am in-line with what the company aim to achieve.

    I'm half-way through researching both companies but I feel that an extra insight will give me an advantage so I am not hit with something unexpected and end up going "ummm" for most of it.

    So happy!


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  2. Notes_Bloke

    Notes_Bloke Terabyte Poster

    Excellent news!

    Good luck for the interviews:D

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  3. ade1982

    ade1982 Megabyte Poster

    Nice one. If you drop in something interesting that they are doing which you found out on their website into the interview, you are laughing.
  4. ThatLondonFella

    ThatLondonFella Bit Poster

    Thanks! You know what, I done that with a interview at Travelex. In the feedback they mentioned that they were impressed with my research, that I knew more about the company than other candidates. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job in the end as they found someone with more experience and that already had training. Praying that my hard-work pays off. :)
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  5. Coupe2T

    Coupe2T Megabyte Poster

    As both roles are probably going to be largely customer facing as such, ie on the phones etc, make sure you also show a positive image of your customer service and inter personal skills.

    My first SD role was given to me without any computing certs or real experience, but I had previously run a pub/restaurant, and as I could show I was good at time management, workign with other people and most importantly building up good rapports with customers etc, that pretty much sealed it.

    So basically don't only tell them about your computing knowledge, make clear you have very good skills when it comes to communicating with people too, as largely this is probably what they will be looking for.

    Most 1st line skills can be taught to anybody in 3-4 weeks as they usually have 2nd line and floor walkers to help out in such environments if you get stuck, communication skills are not so easy to teach though, you are either good at it, or you are not.
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  6. jvanassen

    jvanassen Kilobyte Poster

    Following on from what coupe2t said remember its not always about pretending you know the answer to everything they ask you its sometimes just making a big point that you are a quick learner and willing to learn.
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  7. ThatLondonFella

    ThatLondonFella Bit Poster

    Thanks so much everyone! Advice taken on-board! :)

    Here's hoping I ace the interview tomorrow and the one next week (24th),
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  8. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    Good stuff, good luck!
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  9. ThatLondonFella

    ThatLondonFella Bit Poster

    Well, the first interview went rather well. He was very impressed with my research on the company, my previous customer service experience and my forecast for where I want to be in 2-5 years. However, I done a test before-hand and think I may have answered one/two wrong though he said I shouldn't worry as it's just to show him what I currently know. I don't have the ITIL qualification though or 1st Line experience so that may go against me, but he said this is an advantage as he could train me up to be how he wants me to be. He said this as he previously hired people and they tend to have bad Service Desk habits, which made sense to me. He did also say that he liked me and can see me adjusting to working in his team really quickly. The position pays £21.5k so that would be an amazing start for me and my IT career.

    Fingers crossed!

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  10. RichyV

    RichyV Megabyte Poster

    Sounds pretty positive considering.

    Hope it goes well for you...
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