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    I done quite a bit of research on this one but am still unsure, no access to a domain to test!

    Why would a user be unable to share a file in a windows domain? The sharing command does not appear in the context menu. And under properties of the file the sharing tab does not appear. The user asks the administrator to share the file for him.

    Unsure if you should upgrade his account to a power user, Share the FOLDER in which the file resides or grant him the Allow-Modify permission for the file.

    I dont think the allow-modify permission allows you to change the file permissions to enable sharing, I would say share the folder in which the file resides but this would also share all files in this folder?
    I am only familiar with simple file sharing in xp which you just simply turn on, I know in a domain this is turned off.

    Any advice?
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    1. Only FOLDERS can be shared, not individual files. So you need to edit the properties of a folder.
    2. You need to be a power user or administrator to manage folder shares. A normal (restricted) user won't be able to.
    3. To share folders or printers the Server Service needs to be running (it may have been disabled by a GPO for example).

    I am not sure it ACLs actually affect a user's ability to share folder as managing shares is a "user right", not a permission. Not sure about this though, anyone?

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