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Fantasy Football - Admin news

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by UKDarkstar, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    So are we ready for the start of the Premier League ?

    Here's the Cerforum Geeks Teams so far :


    It's still not too late to enter (PM me if you need the joining code) and you can even do so after the league has started tho' it can be difficult to make up points from lost matches.

    For those new to this - don't go checking the league as soon as mateches are over. It takes a few hours before they update the tables and also remember that matches may be played over a few days for that "week".

    This weekend, for example, matches are being played on Sat and Sun so I will post the league table on Monday. Some weeks they may include matches played as late as a Weds/Thurs so don't panic if I haven't appeared to post the table yet !

    You can buy/sell players once the league has started but there are rules about it and when a penalty (financial) may be incurred i.e. the "value" of your team may be reduced giving you less money to be used to buy players - make sure you're familiar with that bit of the rules before you decide to sell your whole team and replace them ! :eek:

    Finally - Good Luck Everybody ! :biggrin
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  2. Mof

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    Good luck to you to UKDarkstar.
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