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Failed Word 2013 Expert Part One twice

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Office 365' started by tomdeb18, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. tomdeb18

    tomdeb18 Bit Poster

    Hello everyone,

    So I failed the Word 2013 Expert Part One exam for the second time now. What makes me wondering, is the score.
    Manage and Share Documents 100
    Design Advanced Documents 100
    Create Advanced References 75
    Create Custom Word Elements 0

    Scores from first try:
    Documenten beheren en delen 67
    Geavanceerde documenten ontwerpen 50
    Geavanceerde verwijzingen maken 100
    Aangepaste Word-elementen maken 50

    The overall score of 646 points was exactly the same as with the first try. However, at that first try I scored 50% for 'Create Custom Word Elements', while I'm sure I did the exact same thing.

    There actually is one thing that I may have done wrong; saving the style set at one of the related tasks. Could have used the wrong location, but I don't believe that should bring my score to 0%. I mean, stuff like changing the Theme Colors and Theme Fonts definitely must have been done correctly. It MUST have been. I mean, it's one of the things I practiced a lot with.

    Tasks related to creating and modifying custom building blocks were another story; I'm sure I have done some stuff incorrectly. But still, it can't be right that my score for the last skillset was 0%.

    Also, everytime I saw that a section break was used, which wasn't shown at all in the reference images. At least, the text wasn't moved. But there was no task about deleting the section break, or moving text at the first page to the second page.

    Could anyone please tell me what I might have done wrong? I mean, the teacher told me I can do a redo if I want, and I do want that. But I don't want to fail for the third time, especially since I also have to pass exam Part B.
    Certifications: MOS: Word 2013 | MOS: Excel 2013 | MOS: PowerPoint 2013 | MOS: Word 2013 Expert | Microsoft Office Specialist Master | MTA: Windows OS Fundamentals | MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals | MTA: Network Fundamentals | MTA: Security Fundamentals

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