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Failed Router

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by Ozzie, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Ozzie

    Ozzie Nibble Poster

    Can anyone advise me on routers/my failed router.

    About two years ago I set up a computer for a friend. It's wired to a router that also provides wireless internet access to a laptop.
    The internet connection failed the other day, neither pc can access the internet and although I don't know exactly how to fix it I had a look anyway.
    The router config screen apears to be fine, when I press the connect button there, nothing happens.
    I've swapped in the old dsl modem and get a connection.
    Is it possible the router has died?

    I'd appreciate any advice

    ps: i did check all the connections.
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  2. Stoney

    Stoney Megabyte Poster

    It is possible the router has died but to be sure you need to work through a process of elimination. This means checking the cables, phone line, router, the ADSL quality from the ISP, the LAN ports on the computers, the firewalls on the pc's etc etc.

    It's a good idea to start with what you know works and work from there. Replacing parts that you know work with those that you are unsure of.

    Only change one item at a time or your going to make life very difficult for yourself.

    On another note, what is the model of the router? We've had 3 Linksys wireless routers all die within the about a 4 week period. They were only low spec ones so they were'nt expected to last forever.

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  3. Ozzie

    Ozzie Nibble Poster

    The router is 3Com. When I bought it, I suppose it was cheap(ish) about £70, before router prices really started to fall. as I said it's about 2 years old.
    However my own router is a Linksys and has been reliable for 3-4 years now.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a go in a few days.8)
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