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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Leehaa, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Leehaa

    Leehaa Gigabyte Poster

    Anyone else on it?

    What do you think to it?

    Do you trust it security-wise?
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  2. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    I block it at work. People tend to spend hours on there pissing about when they should be working. I'm not on there either - but that's through laziness more than anything else.

    I have a MySpace site but never use it - I block that at work as well :twisted:

    There are obvious security risks associated with anyone putting PII (Personably Identifiable Information) up on the web - identity theft is a nightmare that no-one should fall foul of, provided they aren't daft. Keep the information about yourself to a minimum and you should be fine.

    Stuff like this , however, can only lead the wary user to conclude that facebook don't take your personal data security that seriously...

    That said, Facebook doesn't seem as vulnerable to XSS attacks as other social networking sites, probably because it uses proper input validation and isn't as free with allowing users to add scripts here there and everywhere on their profile!
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  3. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    yeah im on it.. :biggrin i dont put the info i dont want - not just blocking it so i guess im safe but i got friends wh have everything on their including addresses! :blink
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  4. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    I think it's ok.. i keep in touch with my family in the UK on there, i prefer it to my space.. it isnt perfect but it works for me :ohmy
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  5. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    I use it too, but like zeb said, we also block it at work.
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  6. nekky

    nekky Bit Poster

    I have never used it but my younger brother put his phone contact details there when he came into the country to visit so that people back home will have his new uk number. Within 2 hrs of posting his number, he got a call from someone telling him he had won some books and enquring about his postal address to have them delivered.

    He gave it to them and then called me after that because he could not understand how the person got his contact details. Of course I knew what was hapening and made sure he sent the books back as soon as he received them.

    It was his fault for placing his personal details though (not the fault of facebook)
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  7. nXPLOSi

    nXPLOSi Terabyte Poster

    I use it, I like it, but because I starting using myspace first, I prefer myspace!

    Again I dont put any details down I dont want people knowing, never had any problems with it myself.
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  8. Phoenix
    Honorary Member

    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    I use it to keep in touch with old work mates/school friends

    I much prefer it to the drab that is myspace, facebook is a much stronger platform going forward to be honest, I've actually found a bunch more friends on it too considering its relative age in comparison

    privacy? not really that concerned, I don't put any info out there that's not already out there anyway
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  9. pinkfluff

    pinkfluff Bit Poster

    Yeah I have it but its a complete waste of time being on there
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  10. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    No Facebook or MySpace here. Anyone who wants to find me can Google me. 8)
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