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export then modify and then import dhcp ip pool

Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by chamji, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. chamji

    chamji New Member

    we have currently dhcp running .. we have manually statically binded ip to mac address along with description of each binding.
    currently tht pool is
    now we have migrated to

    now i am tasked to shift this old bindings to the new pool/reservations. there are almost 200 entries. its hard to manually enter all of them ..

    is there any way thorugh which i can export the current pool of ips ,mac address,and description to a file then edit the old ip (i will mirror the ips e.g. if user A has mac address B and has IP .. on new scope his resrveatiosn should have same entries except the updated ip .ie.
    while the updating of ips is easy (thorugh excel a simple find and search)

    but how do i export a specific pool of ips ? and how do i re-import that exported and amended data back into dhcp on new scope.

    also i have no access the server.(either though remote login or physical access ) . i have installed the RSAT tools on windows 7 and use the tools from there to add an entry.


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