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Exchange 2003 Standard

Discussion in 'Networks' started by jjustice, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. jjustice

    jjustice New Member

    I cannot send or receive e-mail internally at all since I've installed this new exchange server. Is there anything I am missing here ? It's an out of the box install...

    I went out on register.com's site this past thursday and changed the mx records to point * to mydomainname.com
    which is pointing to my public IP address.

    I have a firewall in which I have enabled port 25 for smtp connections and redirected to my internal exchange server's IP address. My servername is serverMail.mydomainname.com

    I thought that the X400 protocol delivered all mail internally before trying to resolve anything outside of the domain ?
    However I am unable to send any e-mail to any users created in this new domain ????/

    I had an smtp connector setup for internal and external mail, but deleted it and recreated and still get same results, no mail being delivered.....I've used Exchange 5.5 for years, but never used 2003.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  2. d-Faktor
    Honorary Member

    d-Faktor R.I.P - gone but never forgotten.

    perhaps this is your problem? exchange 2003 is substantially different from exchange 5.5. you can't really rely on your exchange 5.5 knowledge to properly setup an exchange 2003 environment. you should plan before you implement.

    x400 is no longer the main messaging protocol in exchange 2003. although it can be configured to use x400, it is designed to use smtp by default.

    the reason your setup doesn't work could be related to many things. perhaps your users are not configured correctly in active directory (remember, exchange 2003 mailboxes and mailbox properties are now objects and attributes in active directory), or maybe you need to allow some smtp relays (like your firewall) in your smtp virtual server (see protocols), or maybe you didn't configure your firewall properly, etc.
    without sufficient additional info it is impossible to tell.

    the only suggestion i can give at this point is to take it one step at a time. you have more than one problem, as i see it, but trying to get a grip on all of them at once won't work. my advice, start with your internal messaging. if you can't even get that fixed, then dealing with external mail is pointless.

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