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Excessive qualifications for 1st/2nd Line Roles

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Colloghi, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Colloghi

    Colloghi Kilobyte Poster

    Well, although currently I have been loving the IT Support Job I have been doing since September. Unfortunately as eveyone is doing, there has been a changed in the budget, and only 2 IT guys are being budgeted for this yea instead of 3...... Which i can understand as the company is going down to 1 site instead of the current 3.....

    As I was on a 6 Month Contract anyway, its not unfortunately being renewed and the 2 Perm guys are staying on :(


    Anyway Im on the job Hunt again, and have revamped my CV with some of the guidance from the posts on here:)

    Had an excellent interview today for a role............:D

    However keeping my options open, im still looking around obviously:)

    About 20 mins ago I received a "Job alert" about a agency role close to me which just looks perfect for this time in my career............The only issue is they want an MCSE qualification which seems absolutely bizzare as the role is described as 1st line/2nd line and readin the decription, really seems to MCSA level if anything

    Ive seen a few roles like this lately, where the role seems out of scope with what is actually required from a potential employee. Do people think this is usually a case of the "agency" determining what is required? rather than the employee actually stating this? I just wonder with roles like this if it is actually worth applying anyway, or whether the agency will see my cv and think NO MCSE - into the bin.......

    Ive applied anway but meh:)
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  2. coolc

    coolc Nibble Poster

    High end certs are very important such as mcse and ccnp, my suggestion is if you have some ms certs tell them your working on getting ur mcse, though they might want someone who is also a mcse, a mcse is nothing without the relevant experience remember that. give it a try wont hurt
  3. GSteer

    GSteer Megabyte Poster

    Yes and Yes.

    Yes - it's not the IT people creating the advert hence unrealistic cert expectations, I saw it a lot last time I was in the hunt.

    Yes - you should apply, it's possible there won't be many MCSE certified pro's applying for the job so the agency will place the best ones forward, they want to fill the position after all, and the end employeer will then then make a more informed decision.

    Good luck.
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  4. Apexes

    Apexes Gigabyte Poster

    I've always found i apply regardless, as long as they aren't advertising for a CCIE lol.

    I was in the exact same boat as you once, on a 6 month contract, 600 staff made redundant, we lost 50 at our site, goes without saying they wouldn't renew my contract.

    Off i went job hunting, saw a job thru an agency for Bristol University - they wanted minimum MCDST & N+ and a years experience. Albeit these are not the highest of qualifications, similar story :mrgreen:

    So i manage to get an interview, and i've got 3 years experience in everything mcdst and n+ entails, plus lots more. 2 days later i get a call and get offered the job - which i turned down in the end cos my company due to make me redundant kept me on but working remotely for another office. bastards made me go out interviewing for no reason in the end but hey! :D

    Always apply if you think you've got a shot, you never know!
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  5. 1/4

    1/4 Byte Poster

    I currently love the job role "IT assistant/1st line support" etc for 12k a year with "Requires 2 years commercial experience in a 1st line support role or similar".
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  6. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    A lot IT jobs that require MCSE are done by HR departments who havent got a clue about what the MCSE involves or they are done by IT directors who main profession was accountancy and thus they have never actually held a proper IT position so they also do not know what an MCSE is.
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  7. j1mgg

    j1mgg Kilobyte Poster

    Agree with most of the replies here that it has been put together by a non IT agency or some person in HR. They usually just stick buzz words in here and there and it is dissapointing as it doesnt always give you faith in the company recruiting either.

    It never hurts to send in a cv anyway.
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  8. ethernet0

    ethernet0 Byte Poster

    I agree with greenbrucelee. I doubt they know the difference between MCP, MCITP, MCSE etc etc
  9. Rob1234

    Rob1234 Megabyte Poster

    When applying for jobs it is not important if the person advertising the jobs asks for something like an MCSE even if it is not needed was is important is that you talior yoru CV and covering letter for what they are looking for not what you think they should be looking for.

    If you don't have the MCSE mention what you have and say you are prepared to work towards MCSE even if you think you should not have it.
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  10. Colloghi

    Colloghi Kilobyte Poster

    Thanks for the replies Guys:)

    I have applied for the role, and waiting to hear hopefully. Seems be a good few jobs up at the moment as well

    2 Interviews this week including one tommorow:D

    is the IT market picking up? I hope so:)
    Certifications: A+, MCP 270, 271, MCDST
    WIP: 290
  11. ethernet0

    ethernet0 Byte Poster

    Funny, I was looking through a job description yesterday and smirked at "must have basic Microsoft certification like MSP or MCSE" - We should really think about starting a thread with the best of these.

    I think it is picking up slightly but I also note the amount of applications are going up too.

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