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    I have done a few searches but am still abit confused....
    I know the exams are scored out of 1000, but what is the pass mark? Does it change on different exams (e.g. 270 different to 290?) Do all the questions carry the same weighting? Are all exams 55 questions long?
    Sorry alot of questions, but any help would be great.
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  2. Phoenix
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    Its a tricky question
    as it varies based on exam
    but the general rule of thumb is..
    exams vary in number of questions, as well as timeframe to complete
    questions are weighed differently, and are not one point one question
    and pass marks vary based on exam, and date, microsoft can change the requirements on a whim, as can any other providor

    (and actually its not graded out of a 1000 for the most part, people just think it is, you only ever see a 'pass mark' and 'your mark' a pass of 849 could well be 849 out of 850, not 1000)
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  3. Sandy

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    The total score and pass mark depend on the individual exam delivered to you at the time of sitting it.

    The number of questions and the weight of each question depends on the individual exam delivered to you.

    It is designed to give any of the cheaters out there a hard time.

    The trick it to know your stuff and do your best and hopefully pass the set of questions presented to you on your exam.

    Good Luck.

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